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03-12-2010, 11:50 PM

Okay Allstate pays the guy $2500 for his VW microbus. Now they say it is worth $25,000. I think the guy should have the opportunity to buy it back from Allstate for the original $2500.

03-16-2010, 03:27 PM
I hate it when my van is referred to as a VW

03-16-2010, 04:27 PM
i'll guess i'll havta add my imput: Dec. 10th-2009, towing a trailer down the local superslab at stop-n-gotime, this lay bops me in the rear, the trailer's trash, my rear bumper/t-hitch is trash...So i call the towing company{the trailers borrowed frm a friend} and have it towed to a daughter of the g-friend..NOW I'M THINKIN' this is a slam dunk: she hits me in the butt, she admits "guilt", the ins. co. sends me a check for the towing bill, and there are no "i've gotta pain" BS going on....I'm thinkin' their gonna cut me a check for 500/750, and tell me to get lost..NOT SO:It's been three months, they've located a PU "like" mine {different year, unknown condition} in Fla and one in So-Cal. and told me what my PU is worth{based on the unknown condition of the ones they located in the birdcage liner paper they picked up on} and "depreciated" the worth of mine based on the "worth' of the 2X PUs located in rust city and so-cal. Then, after screwing around for 2 months, giving excuses like"there are no estimators/towtrucks available"...in spite of the fact that a t-truck showed up for me in 20min. when i was sitting on the side of the H-way w/a broken trailer {approx. 5 miles away from the storage space of the trailer-the daughters frt yard/then the tow yard where the ins. company towed the trailer}...I could go on-n-on about the BS this ins. co. put me thru but suffice it to say............and i mean this in no uncertain terms, w/o any reserve on my part...if your involved in a traffic accident, offer the other driver the oppertunity to "buy" his way outta it, failing that, fall to the ground and tell the paramedics about the pain your experiencing..it's the only way to deal w/these scumbags..

03-16-2010, 06:04 PM
when I got rear-ended in the van, I had to chase down the guys insurance company to file my claim with them, but they had an adjustor out the next day and he basically had me value the damage to the van. He admitted that it was a rare vehicle and he knew nothing about it and that I was the expert on hand so he just wrote down the numbers I told him and I had a check in about three days. No hassles whatsoever except I couldn't get ahold of the stupid driver who hit me at all. I can't remember the name of his insurance company but it was one of the bigger ones like allstate or state farm or something like that.

03-16-2010, 07:52 PM
I got rear ended by a Expedition and they had me a check in about 3 hours, they wanted to deliver it to me. I got an estimate and it was $900 higher than the check. I call the insurer and they brought me another check for the $900. Then 3 or 4 days later, they called an suggested that I go see a Chiropractor, which I did and 2 months later they sent me a check for $5,000.00, for what she said, "Pain and Suffering". I was not injured or even sore, but the massage and back rups felt good and so did the money. BTW: I never contacted an attorney or even mentioned anything about suing for anything. And get this, we both had State Farm and they didn't raise my rate. Thanks State Farm. Had them ever since.

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03-16-2010, 10:11 PM
few years ago we had an 80' Chevy C-10 shortbed. It was lowered, 17" Americans, reversed springs, new everything plus we had just freshened the motor with a new crank kit. The wife says put historic tags and insurance on it as we don't hardly use it as a truck. So we call Grundy and insure it for 8 grand. The truck was still in primer.Two weeks later, the Sunday before thanksgiving, we take it for a ride to drop off an old stove to a scrap guy down the street, We stopped at the Royal farm for gas. I pull out, go to the next corner and some idiot in a Neon runs the stop sign. Everything went into slow motion as we impacted. The stove went over the cab and landed down the street. The truck and said Neon were totaled. The kid, who was bleeding everywhere, said he didn't see me. The truck is F***in' orange, I told him.Luckily we had on seat belts or we would have been mush. Anyway, the tow truck came and took my truck up and backed it into my yard. The driver was cool. He let me come down the next day and pay the bill. So I call Grundy and tell them what happened. By Friday I had a check for 8 grand. They asked if I wanted to buy the truck back and told me they would list it to some body shops online and let me know the price. About a week or so later , the lady calls back and said I could buy the truck back for $72.00. So I did. I turned around and sold it as was for $1,200.00. So I ended up making $9,128.00 off of it. So if you can, get collector insurance with agreed value. I have it on my 65". And hats off to Grundy Worldwide. They also let you drive your vehicle with no milage limitations like some of the others.

03-16-2010, 10:53 PM
SAme thing happened to me with my 72 SS Nova and my Chevy van. Both went 12 feet under water. State Farm paid me off as soon as they got their temp trailer in Lowes parking lot. I had the Nova for sale at $5800. S/F insurance paid me $8500 on a preset value and let me buy them both back for $200.00 total. I kept the van and sold the Nova for $1350.00. which gave me $9850.00 for the car. They gave me $7500.00 for the van. Though being sickened by the whole ordeal, getting a $16,050.00 check helped a lot. Must say, the agents were very nice and quite sympathetic to my loses.

03-18-2010, 05:28 PM
you guys ain't makin' fustkarr feel any better at all!!

03-19-2010, 10:35 AM
When this lady{that was a typo, not intentional on the first rant}hit me, she asked if i was hurt, and proceded to do all the right things, no complaint about any actions on her part..she had insurance and was civil.I thought"OK, this is just a minor fender bender, they'll cut me a check and tell me to get lost"..ok with me! Needless to say, that didn't happen, these folks {insurance lowlifes}have been in my face/hard to reach/just plain a royal pain.Normally, i don't even drive in rush hour traffic, i'd rather stay a work and make a few bucks..or stay where ever i happen to be and enjoy the fact that i'm not out in that cattle call.If i had a few less things on my plate right now {no broken leg, Dr screwups,back pain from one leg now being 3/4" longer that b4 the b-leg, insurance company sayin stuff like"hey, go get training as a programmer[it'll save us a buncha bucks]and spend the rest of your life w/the pain, and the torn rt. shoulder rotator cup,and the screw thats holding the other foot together thats 1/4" to long, and the fact that the trailer that was destroyed in the crash belonged to a friend[whos also not being paid]and the FINALLY finished loft{thanks Vanitti} and the dead Camry and dead Blazer and the dead mill machine which is finally leaving and and and..This will all work out[i do have the time] but when the van hits the road again, i'm going to Hagerty and insuring it to the hilt, i can't insure the PU for colision {salvage title comes w/the insurance setelment} but i'll be looking out for #1 next time this happens.

03-19-2010, 02:01 PM
Randy, go see a chiroprator about your lower back. Sometimes these things take a while to show their ugly heads. Geez, you have already been through a lot of pain and suffering in the last few months and it is just not going away. But if you have a check in your hand, I am certain that your back and neck will feel a lot better. Tell them that "Dr. Greg" recommended that you see a doctor to help you get better quicker.

03-20-2010, 08:52 AM
Thanks for the suggestion but it's not the car crunch thats suspected, it may have been irritated by the crunch but the reason the backs hurting is because the Valley Med. "close cover before striking" School of Medicine Dr.s managed to put me back together w/one leg 3/4" longer than the other..Then they spent 7 months blaming knee pain/back pain/neck pain on arthritus/weight/..the weather b4 saying "nuttin we can do, our work here is finished" and giving up..I went to a sports med. dr..after 5 min. he said "one legs shorter etc etc"...Anyone out there who thinks the goverments health plan is some kinda "fix" for what we have now should remember that Valley Med. is the local community hospital {thats where all the uninsured folks go, i just happened to be closer to it than anyother hospital...i have excellent health insurance}and as such is supported by gov. bucks...this is exactly what gov. supported institutions breed...nobodys responsible, there is no fault...think about it>

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03-20-2010, 08:02 PM
Just received my medicare card in the mail today. No joke. vp

03-20-2010, 10:49 PM
Heres a physio work out therapist whos sure to work your spine straight.

warning; hard to watch