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09-25-2000, 11:05 AM
hey everyone, im the new kid!!! i own a 69 sportvan 108 custom, that i plan on making show quality someday. she is a little rough, but she has a lot of potential. i bought her from friend who put a good running 350 in her, body is pretty solid, and suspension is fair. hhthe rearend is wore out but i have another one in good shape. look for her on the gallery someday. if any one has any leads on old 69 van sales brochures and or owners manual, i would be interested in buying them.


09-25-2000, 07:21 PM
hey Pat,
Welcome to VCVC. I've been restoring my '67 108" Sportvan since March. I'm just about finished with the restoration. When all is said and done, I'll be running a 350hp 350 with a 4 speed overdrive trans. Everything has either been replaced, rebuilt or refinished. I'd love to see pics of your van and hear more about what you've done. How long have you had your van. I've had mine for ten years. If you have any questions or problems, let me know. I learned quite a bit over the past few months. So welcome and good luck. As far as sales lit, check out E-bay.

09-26-2000, 11:27 AM
hey fellow vanner!!! i have had my 69 since may of this year, but i owned a 67 sport van 108 deluxe for over three years. their is a good story behind owning the 67, and i would like to share it with everyone in the club. between 1972-1973, my parents bought a 67 sportvan 108 deluxe. it had a 283 in it, it was bright red with white around the grill area and around the windows. it was in great shape when they bought it, and i had great time with my family in it. the thing that i remember the most about it was when we were kids we would sit on the doghouse in the winter on the way to school to keep our butts warm since it was hard to heat the whole vehicle. i remember one time sitting behind the wheel driving down a country road, i believe that i was about 9 years old. years went by and the 67 held together well, but the body was falling apart. i remember we were at the grocery store and an elderly woman slammed into the drivers side panel between the tires, it was in bad shape. in 1981 right before my dad died, (i was 11) my mom went to the hospital to see him, she parked the van in the garage and started to walk away. this next part is hard to believe but it actually happened, she headed towards the elevator and turned around to see that the van was running, i guess starter wires shorted out and the van started up, it caught on fire and security put it out. after my dad died,my brother drove it till the rearend went out and they sent it to the bone yard. ever since then i always wanted an old van like my mom and dad had. about three years ago, my brother and i went to an old body shop to shoot the breeze with the owner, i looked out in his backlot through the tall grass and i saw a van. i walked over to it and i saw that it was an old chevy like my dad had, so i asked the owner if it was for sale, he said it was, so i asked him how much, he said 200, 50 to tow it to your house so i bought it, got the 283 running ok, the body was horrible, but i didnt care because i was living in the past with my dad, i really miss him. i put the 67 to rest about 5 months ago, me and a buddy of mine came to the conclusion that she was to far gone to restore so we spent 2 days and stripped her clean, everything from glass to trim, the only thing that we left was the leaf springs so the tow truck could slide it on his flat bed. i was kinda bummed out about it, but i had all these great parts to complete another van with. i was driving down the road one day, and i spotted a van like mine driving the opposite direction so i did an illegal u turn and went after him to see if he was interested in selling the van. he said he was going to put it in the paper for 800, but i was able to talk him down to 600. it is in 10 times better shape than my 67, with all my extra parts i should be able to restore her almost completely. i would like to make her show quality. i just started teaching last year, so i have been busy and it is hard to find time to work on my old girl, but she is mine, paid for, and i dont plan on ever getting rid of her. if anyone is looking for parts, let me know and i will see if i have an extra part to sell. so there is my life story, HA HA! catch you guys later


greg showers
09-29-2000, 02:18 PM
ya know it's always good to hear of another early owner. i've owned my 69 swb panel for eight years now and it is still going through changes (can't decide on specifics,color/interior)to date it has been four differant colors (inside and out)it under goes one major step a year (i'm trying to keep it a daily driver(except in the winter)it has been a slow restoration, but is well worth it. all it really needs now is for me to figure out what paint scheme that would fit the persona that my van gives, there are skulls everywhere,door locks,valve stem caps license plate bolts, a life size one on the dash,on the shifter,as a total there are twelve skulls attached to the van and am in the process of making some custom skull knobs for the heater controls/dash controls, window cranks& steering wheel to go along with this theme,(my van scares adults & children)i was thinking of having life size skeletons tearing through the body of the van with blood dripping from the ripped metal and running down from off the roof. the finished van would also have a set of 64 chevy step side rear fenders attached to the rear to cover the "widest tires allowed by law" mickey thompson tires.i don't want to "tub it out" and loose any interior space. i know that it may be difficult to picture but i've been looking into this theme for eight years now and have just about all the fine details worked out when i get all the pieces put together it will definatly be a one of a kind show van. AND IT WILL BE DRIVEN! but for now it will remain as is. meanwhile i will continue to slowly upgrade the van ,even though it already has been upgraded several times 350cid/350trans,3" lift in rear, interior from a 85 ford conversion van, the rear bench folds out into a bed, it fit perfectly no modifications needed(except mounting holes)i've got some new pictures of the van and am waiting to get them developed then i'll send in some to update the picture that is in the gallery. well be easy on the earlies and enjoy later

09-29-2000, 02:53 PM
hey man, sounds like you got some kick *** ideas on the drawing table, it sounds like it is going to be great!!!! it seems to me that the best part of our old vans is not driving them, but working on them is the real satisfaction. i have put off working on my baby the last few months because i have been busy with a new teaching job, but soon i will be settled in my job and i will get back to work. i plan on putting in my replacement gas tank and hooking up my guages this weekend, tune up and a few adjustments and i will be rolling down the road.
stay cool and catch you later

09-30-2000, 01:57 PM
Welcome Pat! Cool...Another 69!..I've got the 69 in the gallery (Red/white/blue) it was only painted like that for the 4th of july...Poster paint works good on grey primer..I sent Smiley another from a recent car show..Painted it like a "Hippie" van........Still smells like incense in there..Anyway welcome to this great site, there are a lot of nice people in here and a LOT of information floating around!!Thanks for the tip on the reference book guys! Later......Van on...............JD........

10-16-2000, 11:37 AM
hey JD, i saw your 69, cool! i recently got an original sales brochure from california and i got my buddy to professionally copy the cover, i have an extra if you want it, i am goint to frame my copy for my garage, let me know, i will mail it to you.