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04-08-2001, 05:18 AM
was a full size passenger seat available in stock form from the factory for a 66.never seen one in a van other then a small swivel type.if so does anyone happened to have an assy that could be upholstered.i would definitely like to put a full size seat in my 66 instead of that cheesey swivel style.

04-08-2001, 11:41 AM
There was one available. I have one in my 66 Sportvan (deluxe). I dont know about other vans though. If you can find a sportvan deluxe in a junkyard, take it.


P.S. If you can find mirrors similar to the ones on this page I will pay you for them.

solid side 65
04-08-2001, 01:48 PM
according to the factory literature I have (owners guide, sales and service brochures, etc.) two passenger seats were offered as options. the cargo vans came standard with only the drivers seat. the flip-swing seat allowed for long cargo, carpet rolls, lumber etc by lifting and swinging out of the way or completely removing for load clearance. a full size stationary passenger seat was also available. the window vans (sportvans) have always been good sources for the full size "shotgun" seats.

04-08-2001, 06:38 PM
thanks for the answer to my question,all i have to do is keep searching maybe i'll find one that can be salvaged.tom

04-08-2001, 11:12 PM
Display vans usually had them too, hey smiley does your 66 D. van have the auxillary seat or the flip-swing seat.

04-08-2001, 11:29 PM
My 65 has full seats. Ajustable drivers. I want something like I had in my first,
they were mid 70 Toyota car buckets. They only laid back flat and were vinyl but that was great for getting over the in the back and they sat lower than the stock ones. And they were comfortable. I have to find something simular that is newer though, those seats are all long dead.
My stock seats will be up for graps or swaps.
They have been recovered with the original covers still in place.

04-09-2001, 08:22 AM
No, my '66 Display came with the jump seat. Since the full-size seat was an option, I think you'll only find it in Sportvans, since they were usually passenger vans, while the rest were cargo/work vans. My '66 was a South Central Bell service van.

solid side 65
04-09-2001, 02:06 PM
i've had two 65's, the first was a stick and had the jump seat and no heater was pretty much a stripper. my no door had more factory options; auto trans, chrome bumpers, radio, heater, full size seats, etc. it depends on how they were ordered or what mods a previous owner did.

there is less width on the passenger side between the door and the doghouse. i first added pinto bucket seats, they were the narrowest seats i could easily (cheaply) find. since i am tall and my van has a nose down stance i got tired of looking out the top four inches of the windshield and began a search for a narrow and thin bottom cushion seat. i ended up with porsche 914 units, which are adjustable fore and aft with slides and have four adjustments on the tilt. to gain more clearance i removed the armrests from the doors and replaced with pull straps from a chevette, $2 each at the you pull it junkyard. i know there must be other later model buckets seats that will fit, only a tape measure will tell.

HINT: 64-66 owners when you find that window, sportvan in the boneyard look underneath, they usually all have a front sway bar besides the full front seats. the sway bar makes a nice upgrade with the handling improvement. i have also seen the 64-66 cargo vans with the sway bar, again this was an option on all models.

04-09-2001, 03:47 PM
I put seats from a mid-80's cavalier (same as trans-Am) in my 64. They were the lowest cushion I could find. I moved the inside seat tracks inward about 2 inches so I could drop them down another inch. They work well.

As for the sway bar: I was going to strip the sway bar off of my 65 before I trashed it, but I noticed that my 64 didn't have the nuts welded to the inside of the frame. So, there was basically no easy way to attach the damn thing. You may want to check this before you lay down the cash for a sway bar. Also, if the bushings are trash, it will make no difference in the ride, so make sure you replace them too.

solid side 65
04-09-2001, 04:26 PM
my no door had the factory sway bar nuts on the left side only, even thought it left the factory bar less. you can use nutserts or use the frame hole about six inches to the rear,use a loop of tape on a hacksaw blade to fish the nut in with. on my last one i used a 3/4" hole saw on the side of the frame to gain access. you have to be a bit of a cobbler to work on these vans. ploy bushings and end links are available in the aftermarket.