View Full Version : Calling all Northwest and West Coast vanners: C oc C Caravan: Seattle to Buena Park, CA

01-28-2011, 02:39 PM

I'm making plans to drive my '64 wiki-van to L.A. for the 2011 council of councils.

Schedule is tentative and can/may/probably will change, but if anyone else from the NW is going, lets hook up and Caravan as we travel down. Route of travel will probably be I-5 south the whole way down. I'm going with my girlfriend and we're planning to basically camp in the van until we get to Buena Park and check into the hotel.

Planning to leave Seattle Feb 15th, Tuesday night after dinner and then keep on truckin' at a leisurely non-rushed pace and we'll get to Buena Park, CA sometime on Friday.