View Full Version : optional parts for early vans?

05-10-2000, 01:24 PM
i would like to make my van as unique as i can. does anyone know what options 1965 vans had? or what options any vans from 65-69 had, and what can be interchanged? would love to know. Tim

05-24-2000, 09:02 PM
If you really want your van to be unique, look for aftermarket stuff that was available for the vans "back in the day." My 65 has a kit that I have never seen in any other van: A fold-down "rumble seat" that is attached to the engine box. The kit apparently came with matching custom door handles. My van also has custom seats, but I am not sure if they came with the other pieces or if they were simply "borrowed" from another vehicle. Another thing I have seen which is cool is camper-style windows that fit right in place of the standard square windows. The camper windows slide open sideways. I also once saw a fully camper-ized 66 van with a functional pop-up top. The pop-up top was different than any one I have ever seen and it appeared to have been made specificaly for the chevy van.
Happy hunting...