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10-23-2000, 12:23 PM
can we all bow our heads and pray for more day light and longer weekends, so i can get time to work on my van? please? she's been sitting for a couple of months because i have beem really busy with work.

thanks everyone


10-23-2000, 11:10 PM
Tell me about it......I've put in easy 30 hours working on the van in the last 4 days alone......most of them AFTER dark!

Can;t wailt till time change NOT then it will be dark at 5 pm every day http://www.vcvc.org/ubb/frown.gif

I put in a separator wall and lockable door to keep me safe fron flying tools in a fast stop......and to keep the tools safer from crooks

10-24-2000, 11:25 AM
my time has been minimal due to my teaching job and my part time job. i will be quitting my part time job soon, so i will have time to work on my toy. i got alot of work to do to her, and i plan on storing her for the winter or i may buy a portable canopy for a couple hundred bucks, i dont trust storage places. all i got to do to get her on the street is put her gas tank back in and give her a tune up. she's been down for a while, but old chevys never die, they are too strong!!!

take it easy


10-30-2000, 08:06 AM
well yeggster, if you are reading this, i actually got time to work on my baby!!!! i got home on friday afternoon, rolled out my tool tray and compressor, and i got almost everything done except for my gas tank install. the gas tank was a big problem when i first got my van, it would stall out and the guy who sold it to me said that it will stop running if i let the gas get to a quarter tank. i asked why, he said because there is about an inch of rust in the bottom. i took off the tank and put my tank off of my 67 (salvage) on my 69, well not yet.

almost there.



10-31-2000, 12:15 AM

Great! keep at it

I installed batery isolator relay this week (I run a deep cycle for the inverter floresent lights etc) and I put fuses on the inverter and accesory lines too (a 175 amp and 100 amp).....I had been running with no fuse the last two years since I started a full rewire and desiced it's just too dangerous ponc I found a local supply for the big fuses

I have the 15 gallon tank and used attachment straps from a 80's crysler......just shortened them about 4" when I re-did the tank.........some day I really want to switch it to natural gas fuel so I kept the smaller tank....... but there is no fill up in town yet........a home pump from the gas main is available but just to expensive.