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11-06-2000, 06:35 PM
does any company outside of jc whitney sell any new parts for vintage chevy vans.parts like carpet,air vents,spare tire mounts or any other type of van accessories for these old vans.i have yet to find a van conversion company that can supply me parts for these old vans.does anyone have any accessory laying around i'd be interested in whats out there still.thanks tom

11-06-2000, 11:03 PM
you can get pre-formed automotive carpet for the 67-70 chevy vans. Check with an upholstery shop about it. I don't think anyone makes carpet for the 64-66 vans, but I might be wrong. As far as vents, tire racks, and such, most of that stuff is designed to be adapted to almost any van. I personally discourage vents and sunroofs. Think about it: You are cutting a hole in the roof of your vehicle! You'd better be SURE it's the right thing to do, because it's very hard to undo. I've owned a lot of vans and found that vents and sunroofs simply provide an easy way for water to get inside your van. My personal bias aside, most sunroof and vent kits work for any van.

11-09-2000, 09:52 PM
i agree with andy. i had a ford e 100 with a sun roof many years ago, and after a rain it would leak and leak. even after a good re--seal.....so do give it some thought....coyote dave..

11-10-2000, 06:17 PM
i have not had the pleasure of driving my van thru the hot of summer but both of you have convinced me that adding a vent is more of a nuisance in the long run.my question to you is whats your remedy at staying cool during the hot summer months.

11-10-2000, 06:41 PM
Down here in nasty old New Orleans, It averages 95-98 degrees in the summer, with non-stop 100% humidity (no joke). Maybe I just have developed an undesired tolerance for the heat, but the vent windows and foot vent work just fine for me. I've heard that the factory optional pop-out windows really help move air through the van too. There were some factory optional roof vents as well, but I've only seen them on option lists. Have not yet seen one on a van.

Vintage Air makes an under-the-dash A/C unit that I hear works very well. I forgot how much they go for, but I'm fairly certain it's under 1k.