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01-05-2001, 05:17 PM
I have spent nearly an hour scraping dirt,sludge,grease, other foreign matter from my engine(still installed) in order to find out my engine size. I can not find anything that looks like 194 or 230. It is a 66. It is a 6 cyl. auto (powerglide). My owners manual states "Engine- Stamped on boss on right side of block to rear of distibutor." I am halfway mechanically inclined, but this one has me stumped. Have I not scraped enough grime? The door tags offer no clue as to the size, it gives both 194 and 230 horsepower. vin #g1256p125548

01-05-2001, 11:14 PM
On the 6 Cylinders look near the coil for a flat piece of metal on block facing up. Wipe clean and some numbers will appear. Once you get them let me know and I will try to help decipher the critter for you. Good luck! Roonie!

01-05-2001, 11:21 PM
P. S. The numbers to determine the engine cubic inches are behind the distributor to the best of my recollection! My guess is a 230 as the 194 were utilized in 64 up to mid 65 for the most part!

01-07-2001, 05:28 PM
There is not a tab, but the numbers I can see are 3921968 with GM stamped under that, and 48 under GM.

01-07-2001, 08:12 PM
Hello Again, I checked with my brother who stated the engine size is on the block tab behind the distributor near the coil as previously stated. The numbers you found do not sound like engine codes&usually have letters & numbers unless you have a much newer six someone replaced. Wish I could be more concise to help out!

01-07-2001, 08:37 PM
I've seen a couple websites with casting ID's
for V8's, don't remember if they had the 6's
though. I lost my favorites list when we got
a new computer, so I'll have to see if I can
find it again. If I can I'll post it.

01-07-2001, 09:13 PM
This site has a pretty good list of small-
block numbers and applications, but nothing
for the 6. www.mortec.com (http://www.mortec.com) also has V8 info,
I think for big blocks too. I'll keep looking
for info on the sixes.
Later, John

01-07-2001, 09:50 PM
Let me know what you guys find out. I have #'s just like rustovan but those are in the back of the motor and their forged in. I also found a machined portion by the coil with the # E0304H stamped in it. I called the local chevy dealer and he told me that he had never seen one with the 190, only the 230. After he told me that I didn't bother with the #'s. But were talking about a thirty-six year old van and the fact I was asking for free info. I look for a site as well....Joe

01-08-2001, 07:30 AM
Hey Moonjoe, that stamped number you found (E0304H) should be the engine number. The piece that's stamped with the number is less of a "tab" and more of a flat protrusion. The number I have on mine doesn't match the pattern shown in the shop manual, but the engine is original to the van. While the 230s were more prevalent by late '65, there are still quite a few that were built with the 194, so I wouldn't assume anything.

01-08-2001, 05:03 PM
Of course, if you stick that ZZ4 crate motor in there you'll know for sure what you have.... http://www.vcvc.org/ubb/tongue.gif

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01-08-2001, 10:39 PM
Just spent about a half hour looking at sites but all I could find is V8's. Smiley thanks for the input. I figured that's the # since it's stamped. I have a Chiltons book but it's unclear on the van info. It basically only shows 66 and up, doesn't list the 64. I'm hoping it's the 230 but it doesn't have much go so with my luck it's probably the 194! By the way, does anyone have any other suggestions for a manual? besides the Chiltons? Also, Smiley will $34.00 cover the cost of membership plus a calender? Thanks guys, talk to you later, Joe

p.s. Allright I'll bite, whats a ZZ4 engine?

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01-09-2001, 12:35 AM
MoonJoe! Your number sounds correct! Now to find the book to decipher it! My 65 Chevy van engine code starts with two letters and ends with a letter like yours. In fact the original warranty manual states the engine number, tranny number, paint and axle numbers. Smiley, Thanks for the extra clearification on finding the engine codes! Hope this helps!

01-09-2001, 07:24 AM
There are repro and original shop manuals available for all years of the early Chevy. Check with the auto literature companies (Faxon Auto. Lit. usually has them), and you should be able to pick one up. You'll need the 1963 Chevy truck manual and the '64 Chevy truck supplement. It won't tell you anything more about decoding your engine, but has loads of other necessary info.

By the way Moonjoe, your total sounds right. I only have a few calendars left, so I'll hold one for you.


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01-09-2001, 09:53 PM
a site that has them! http://www.classictruckshop.com/cast1.html
Hope this helps,
Later, John

01-09-2001, 11:46 PM
Kneel to prostreet65. You are a god in my eyes. I am going to assume that my engine is the 230. All though it states 3921968 is 230-250, my previous searches conclude that my 66 is a 230. Thank You very much, very much. I can now start removal, clean-up, up- grade. Anyone know of something I can replace this rochestor carb with. I am one happy vanner.

01-10-2001, 08:48 PM
ZZ4 is a GM crate motor, 375 hp!

01-10-2001, 10:26 PM

01-10-2001, 10:52 PM
Prostreet65 does rule, but I lost the lotto. I got the 194 http://www.vcvc.org/ubb/frown.gif Oh well, more incentive to put in the 292! Also Smiley, thanks for the help check is in the mail...Joe

01-11-2001, 08:44 AM
Does the 292 have the same transmission bolt pattern? I thought they were different.

01-11-2001, 07:35 PM
I was told by a friend that a turbo 350 could bolt right up to it. That's what I think I have in there now. I want to get this thing running well enough for the summer to cruise aroound and then take a camping trip or two. Then, given the fact it needs more power & has a few oil leaks I will go ahead and start to accuire a rebvuilt motor and rebuild the tranny that's in it. I just don't want to dump all that cash till the fall. Also since I plan on sticking with the six I'll need to research things like Carbs, intakes and headers for a six. Smiley, got the books ordered from faxon, they should be here tomorrow. Thanks man, I can't wait to see them....joe

01-11-2001, 09:38 PM
Hey Ajax I see what you mean, that site does
some wierd stuff. If you go back to their homepage, http://www.classictruckshop.com/
and click on "technical data", it will go to
the page where all that stuff is listed. They
don't seem to have head #'s, but they do have
head casting marks. Try www.mortec.com (http://www.mortec.com) , they
have head #'s, block #'s, and other useful
Later, John

01-13-2001, 04:27 PM
My engine number say either 38 or 3994257
says gm under that and a 68. Cant find any numbers that match up on I-6 chart. Any body
familiar with this number.