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08-03-2000, 10:10 PM
i did it again! my freind was looking for a cooler vehicle than his oldsmobile, so i found him one. its a 1968 chevy panel 90 van. the place only wants 400$ for it and its missing a trans, and a wheel. it has a rusty old six which my freind plans to replace with an olds 350. this thing is weird! someone splashed on spray can red, and put HUGE mcrearys in the rear. they stick out of the wheelwells about half a foot. insane! the only rust i found was at the bottom of the front panel. not much either. pretty straight van, and most of it is there. i cant wait until i can nag it out of him, he, he,. man i love vanning! i think it is amazing to see another like mine out there. there arent many down here in georgia. van on, and thought you might like to hear. thanks.

08-04-2000, 10:36 PM
today me and my freind were strippng the oldsmobile, so i decided to call the place that has the van for sale. first,i talked the guy down to three hundred,then i found out the guy is going to strip and crush it this saturday. looking at his other cars and how complete the van was, so i asked him why. he said he has too many cars. insane! its too straight to crush. so if i can find a place to haul off the olds, i can get my freind the van. i also need to find a tow service that will tow a vehicle with two rear wheels from marrietta to woodstock. but if i cant make ends meet, i can hear the noshing of the crusher now...crunch, crunch.
the thought makes me tremble. hopefully i can find the right services in a week. makes me feel like a hero. van on,& thanks- jason

08-05-2000, 12:55 PM
Hey, where did you find the van? Was it one of the junkyards I told you about in Atlanta or another one? I'm just curious because I know Morgan's had 2 nice, mostly complete vans and I wanted to get the doors from the one. It has some of the best pop-out windows I've ever seen and I'll be mad if they crush it before I get back to Atlanta.

08-05-2000, 01:03 PM
actually, i found this one at a repair shop. where is morgans? maybe i can go and check because i have to find some parts. thanks, and van on.

08-06-2000, 06:49 AM
Morgan's is on GA-138 in Stockbridge. They have 2 restorable vans there. Both are mostly complete. One is a 68 or 69 90" display van. The other is a 68 or 69 108" Sportvan deluxe.

There is also a yard west of Atlanta called Myers which has several chevy vans. They are not restorable, but it's a great place to get parts.

And, there is a yard north of Atlanta, near Hamilton Mall that has a 67 cargo and a 65 display. Neither is restorable, but they have parts. I think the sign on that yard says "C & C Auto Parts", but they are listed in the phone book as something else ("Cain's" maybe)

Good Luck...

08-08-2000, 09:33 PM
well, my freinds father wont let him have the van now because he says only drug dealers drive vans. so, now the van faces a doomed fate. may we bow our heads and mourn.