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09-30-2000, 04:24 PM
Hello everyone! Like Pat Im also new to the group here. Finally replaced the 65 chevy van that I sold in high school (regretably) with a 64 a coupla months ago. It has a six in it with an three speed automatic (not original considering theres a clucth peddle just sitting on the floor). I was wondering if anyone knew up to what year of five bolt lug rims I can use of m new baby. Also I bought a chiltons manual for it but it does not say how many quarts of oil this thing holds. When I changed it seemed there was an awful lot in there, and when I went to fill it took seven quarts before it even hit the bottom of the stick! I stopped there but I was wondering if I have the wrong dipstick in there or what? Thanks, Joe.

10-01-2000, 02:40 AM
Hey Joe,

All you need to know for your wheels is that they are a 4-3/4" bolt pattern. It's a common five-lug pattern and should be easy to find. If possible, try to stay away from "unilug" patterns. They will fit, but are a hassle.

As for your oil, the Chevy six should take 5 quarts of oil. An aftermarket oil pan or improper dip stick could be why it's reading oddly. Measure the dipstick and let me know what you've got. I'll check both my vans and see what we come up with. Either way, it's important to find out what's up, because running with too much oil isn't good.

10-01-2000, 04:40 PM
Hey Smiley thanks for the reply. Thanks for correct term on the rims as well. I plan on using stock rims for the van so the pattern helps alot. As far as the dipstick, I suspected as you did it might have the wrong one in it. I measured it and from the end back up to the "bell" it is 12.5". To the collar that keeps the bell from going any further up it's 13" Let me know what you find on your vans. I know some cars take more than five quarts but I thought seven was a little extreme! Im real new to sites like this as well as terminoligy for my new van so I didnt catch on tech problems go in the "Ddoghouse" but now I know. Gotta go I'll check back later, Joe.

10-04-2000, 12:25 AM
I replaced the 14" rims on my 66 with 15" ones from a mid 80's olds or a caddy I forget which.

They used the 15" rims with the five by four and three quarters pattern for a few years.

If you plan to haul any wieght at all the 15" tires are a good plan and they are available in more sizes.......especially good if u are getting diferent rims anyway


10-04-2000, 12:39 AM
I've got 15" mags on it now, but I prefer the look of stock rims with the little hub cap on it. I'll stick with the 15s even though I won't carry too much weight (other than my fat butt and a coupla of surfboards!!) I was looking for the pattern term to avoid confusion during my search in the local junkyards. I'm really happy I found this site it gets me motivated to work on the van!

10-04-2000, 09:07 PM
Vette rims.....if ya can afford em!

10-05-2000, 08:54 PM
cragar makes sharp rims. im buying star wires for mine for only 217$ theyre brand new. van on.

10-07-2000, 11:44 PM
Hey Moonjoe..........Drop me an e-mail..I am also from H.B.! I've got some extra stuff and know of a donor van nearby if you need anything!...................JD.......

10-17-2000, 12:27 PM
talk about rims, if i had my choice, i would get a set of the SS wheels the five spoke ones that kinda look like cragars, but i got the ones that i love, 7" wide rallyes size 15, my center caps are the police moons, wheels are red, they look great on my chevy.

you cant go wrong with rallyes.