View Full Version : 65 and 66 for sale

08-07-2000, 01:39 PM
Hey guys,
my dad has decided (with strong earging from my mom) to sell two of our 4 old chevs. The 65 is a no door with a 6cyl (I don't know if it is a 230 or what) it was the first of that body style we bought and has been stripped for sand blasting. most of the parts removed for blasting are labled and in boxes in the van. It does run, but would probably be a parts van only. The 66 is also a no door with a 6cyl. The body on it is good shape except for the passenger side of the grill has been damaged. It runs good but has been known to not start after being warmed up. This van was bought because it was in better shape then the 65 for sale, and we were gonna fix it up until dad found the other 65 he is currently fixing up (there will be hopefully be a pic of dad's 65 in the gallery soon). Dad is asking $1,000 for the pair. I am gonna take a pic of the two today and if u would like one please email me at: Muddlerminnow1@aol.com