View Full Version : Ajaxs chevies

12-22-2000, 05:25 PM
Hey vanner68, did you get those chevies from
ajax yet, If so , how the hell did you pull
it off.

12-23-2000, 10:42 AM
Sam- this is embarrasing, but I haven't got em home yet. The original plan fell apart when I had to work emergency overtime, and since then the weather has turned to s**t.
However, the border crossing should not be a problem, due to the age of the vehicle. I plan on grabbin whatever parts I can stuff in the van, and using a tow dollie to get it back, so Ajax will still have some parts to sell most likely.

Duane 70gmc
12-23-2000, 09:58 PM
Vanner, if you need any assistence getting her and the parts home, let me know. I'm available !

Proud owner of a 1970 GMC 108" V-8 Vintage Van
Any ?
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