View Full Version : Gas tank swap for 2nd Gen. ????

12-28-2006, 06:01 PM
I removed my original tank, on a 1968 108", and it was shot. Had about a half tank for 15 years in it. I looked in Classic catalog, and saw what seems to be the closest fit. For 1963-1972 fuel tank relocation kit. It has the dual tubes on the side, one for fuel, one for air, 20 gallon size. Also has the 0-90ohm sender included, and it about 2" taller, one inch wider, and 6 inches shorter. Complete kit with straps for about $240. With plenty of room under there, I think it will work, if anything, custom straps would be all it would take. Any of you tried a new tank? For the price, and piece of mind, a new tank is on the to do list. Thanks....Keith

1968 "108", and a 1968 Shortie, both no windows, both I6.