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05-17-2001, 06:02 PM
i'd like to introduce myself: name's dan, i've been lurking around here for a couple weeks. my interest in earlies was piqued when i first saw them mentioned on the net several years ago, but there werent any around ohio, where i lived at the time. now that i'm in oregon, which has a wealth of old cars, trucks and vans comparatively, my interest is piqued again. i'm into all sorts of oddball body styles: chevettes, el caminos, vans, etc., but i dont have an early GM van... yet. i do have a 71 Nova (daily driver, not in the best condition, but it has a straight six!) with me in oregon and i've just given my parents power of attorney to sell my 85 Astro back in ohio (loved that thing, but with 205K on the odometer, it'd be too expensive to get it across the country). the nova, btw, got me into the L22 engines enough to do a bunch of research into them on my website: www.motorhood.com/racingpkwy/no7a (http://www.motorhood.com/racingpkwy/no7a)
as for the ...yet part, i've found a 68 in pretty good condition for $250 at a local used car dealership (the location is my secret for now). the only thing wrong with it is that the engine's dismantled in the back, but it apparently ran before the engine was torn down. dont know why it was torn down, tho. i really want it, but a) i'm bringing my girlfriend out to oregon as well and besides the cost of that move, she'd throw a hissy fit and b) i've got student loans from college to pay off along with a few hundred dollars of credit card debt. i know, i must not be a true fan because i'd have bought it by now,but i'm also a newbie, so give me a break.
anyway, i know quite a bit about the sixes, so i'm up for fielding any of those questions. and if i cant answer them, i'd suggest hitting the clifford's performance website for their user forums. excellent resource there.
so. good to meet you all and hopefully i'll have a story to add to the website.

05-18-2001, 08:03 PM
glad to see yet another member and im glad to see the club growing. straight sixes rule and oddball anything is cool (even pacers). welcome, and keep on truckin'

05-24-2001, 10:15 AM
well, i sat on it too long. that 68 i told y'all about isnt there anymore. looks like someone wanted it more than me.

05-24-2001, 10:21 AM
When I was looking for an early, I would look in the thrifty nickle, every thursday, and I picked one up on thursday, saw a 64 chevy van for only 250 obo, The guy had sold it in less then 10 hours. But It was in running condition, dont know about the body thought.