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07-12-2004, 06:23 AM
Hi All,
I had the greatest pleasure meeting Carl, and Leadfoot at the Van Nationals in Michigan last weekend!
Carl's "Van-In" Theater is one of the "Neatest" ideas to come-a-long in quite sometime! It entertained all each and every evening at the "Vintage Chevy" campsite! Way to go Carl!
Sorry not to have my own "Early" there, but the "Disc Brakes" are not on her as of yet!
Taz's "Early" was as "Sharp" as ever! One FINE machine there for sure!
I will try to download some photos to VCVC2 in the not too distant future!
Jewels and I had a great time there, since we managed to miss last year's NATZ in Kansas due to job implications.
Monday evening we had a great time, here in Northeast Ohio, with vanners from next year's Nationals and fellow vanners from Florida and as far away as Germany! The "Econo-Bar" closed down at 2:30 am Tuesday morning! My neighbors awoke the next day with quite a view, there were "Vans" parked every where!
Thanks to all who managed to stop by!
Take care,
"Vannin...it's More than a Passin Fad!"