View Full Version : Converting to an automatic

Kevin Ray Platt
04-06-2001, 10:45 PM
Okay, the Manual 3-speed in my 65' is starting to fail. The 230 6 cyc is good but I'd like more horsepower.( nothing drastic but something that doesnt stuggle against a strong head wind) Suggestions? A guy here in Tulsa pulled the steering column, engine trans, and rear end out of a 80's model short wheel base Ford Econoline and put it into his '63 Econoline(He modified the Dash and whole Cab area to make it look like a 90's style interior). Anybody ever tried this with a Chevy? I guess you would have to shorten the drive line and sacrifice the 60's interior of the cab area, but I think I'm going for a full modifiction anyway.