View Full Version : I'm Back.....but without my van:)

12-30-2000, 12:10 AM
I was away for the last month and a half and have just got back on line recently.

Check out my van accident in the parts section.......the engine, tranny, rear end are fine but she is pretty banged up....I need a 66 drivers door to start.

What I was doing was building this fence with my brother and I got my ISP cut off as I was not aroung to pay up.

I'll e checking the board again regualrly.....I have a lot of reading to catch up on http://www.vcvc.org/ubb/smile.gif

Smiley........I can;t remeber if you told me or not......Did you get the cash for my dues??


12-31-2000, 05:12 PM

I sent you a message under your parts post ...
Let me know If I can help