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12-16-2000, 01:24 AM
I should introduce myself ,since I've been doing some postings. My name is Bob McMahon. I've had my `65 cargo since 1970. It's the ultimate sleeper, rusty white exterior, no interior to speak of, 340,000 miles, daily driver, 15x10 slot mags rear, on a 3.31 `67 Camaro 12-bolt axle (just the right width to put the T/A's inside the wheel wells),15x6 Cragar SuperLite II's in front. Originally came with a 153cu.in. 4 cylinder (like the old Chevy Novas had) and three on the tree. Now running a single turbo `68 327, low compression, home made custom exhaust system (2 1/2" ram's horn manifolds and pipes to the turbo, and 3 1/2" single pipe to the 3" Hooker muffler), draw-thru intake system, no intercooler (yet), with a water-heated carb adapter for the Q-Jet, and a home made airbox/filter, fed by two 4" metal hoses leading to the grille. The Boost-Guard wastegate is set for 8 PSI boost, and it has its own exhaust pipe and Borla muffler. The tranny is a Turbo400 that I built, with a Transgo shift kit and H.D. RV converter (soon to be replaced with a 700R4 and 2500 stall Hughes lockup converter). The engine is moved back 4" and dropped 2", with a home made tranny crossmember. Future plans include a new, even more trick exhaust system(my fourth), a blow-thru carb box (I can't afford injection), intercooler, and upholstery for the plywood bench seat up front. Performance: somewhere in between a Porsche 911 and a Turbo Carrera, in other words, frighteningly fast! I'm also looking for a `67-70 108 window van in the central or southern Calif or Las Vegas area, for camping, etc., (running or not). Really glad to have found the Club, and pictures of all this turbo stuff are in the pipeline. VAN ON!

12-16-2000, 06:08 AM
I've been reading your posts and enjoy your turbo 327 van too. Thanks for the intro and welcome to the board. I hope you keep posting. I have family in your neck of the woods and visit there sometimes. When I do...I would like to see your Van. I have a '66 with "sleeper" white paint. Later...Mario and 'Vanquish.'