View Full Version : rain is evil

09-22-2000, 03:50 PM
I drove my van to school the other day because it was pouring down rain (I normally ride my bike, it's only 2 miles). Well, the sewers in Atlanta couldn't keep up with the rain and I had to drive through 2 puddles that were about 10" deep and 30 or 40 feet long. Well, the water was so deep, it got inside my brake drums. This is bad. Basically, when you get water inside the drums, you're brakes stop working. I almost ran over a pedestrian that stepped out in front of my van. Scary. IT took almost all day for my brakes to dry out enough to start working again and they were still not really back to full power. So, be careful about driving thru deep water in your van...

09-22-2000, 05:07 PM
This is especially important since early van brakes are abyssimal to start with......

09-25-2000, 12:37 AM
thats the reason i'm going with disc brakes up front guys.anyone that drives a vehicle with front drum brakes are crazy.i learned this lesson once when in my old pickup truck i happened to come up to one of the most busiest intersections here in indy.i was doing about fifty miles an hour and all the cars ahead of me in all lanes were stopped at a traffic light.went for the brakes and guess what?nothing. no front brakes no emergency brakes and cars all around it was either rearend about ten cars, drive thru the busiest intersection and tee bone cars or if not take out a taco bell restaurant or my last choice(mind you i had about two seconds to decipher my options)or take out a yield sign and hope for the best.well i took out the sign and it barely stopped the truck before i would have rolled into the intersection and tee boned a semi going along at a good rate of speed.you should of seen my eyes light up during this.not only my eyes but the eyes of all those cars that seen all this take place.i had an old chevy with a 4" lift with a monster warn winch bumper on the front.i would of made swiss cheese out of those little tin cars that were in front of me.i happened to get out of the truck and wipe my shorts and next thing you know my dog takes off down the road at mach 2.he also s#$@ himself.to all you vanners out there with front drum brakes take it from me make sure that emergency brake works on your ride otherwise switch to disc or you won't be able to tell people about your miraculous event.later tom