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02-15-2001, 02:04 PM
i saw Craig Coddington's 68 with no wing windows and i was woundering how he did it and how much it cost to get the new glass cut because ive wanted to ger rid of mine
vann on

solid side 65
02-15-2001, 04:27 PM
The white 68 no-door with solid windows in the cab doors actually belongs to Jack Lawrence. We got manual window regulators and front glass channels from a full size Chev, Impala or Caprice mid to late 70's, I believe. Made a window template from 1/4" masonite hardboard. Cut the original vent window braces out of the door, mounted the channels, regulator and glass template and began playing with the geometry by trail and error. Once your satisfied with the window operation a glass shop can cut you two windows from safety or tempered glass, Jacks are a smoke-gray tint, I used bronze tint.

I was originally going to use one piece glass in my front doors. After a year or so of use I noticed that Jacks windows were getting out of balance and tilting in the channels, similar to worn stock windows. I think the problem is the angle of the side of the window, only a portion of the glass edge is in contact with the channel during movement. I first saw a 56 F100 that had one piece windows and tried to pose them. Later I noticed the window had square sides and not a trapezoid like the van. Just my $.02 worth.

Jack is presently gathering parts for another total rebuilt after 200-300k miles since the last go around. He has another set of stock cab doors. He is going back to the original windows this time. A TPI 350 and four speed auto trans are planned to replace the present 350 and TH400. His original 12 bolt posi 3:73 rear end is still in good shape.

The benefits of the one piece glass are unobstructed vision and elimination of vent window break ins, beside the smooth looks. Sorry for rambling on.


02-15-2001, 04:47 PM
I am in the process of doing this on my 68. I am using power window regulators from a 76 Monte Carlo, no particular reason except that they were free. I am going to have approx. 4" of "straight" glass below the window frame to prevent tipping. I put power windows in my 69 using 74 Eldorado regulators and the stock van glass, this worked perfectly for 3 yrs before I sold the van.

02-22-2001, 08:03 PM
okay, I'm a little lost. My Wing window fell out thanks to an over eger older Brother, I'm not sure if i can find the replacement frame and glass or if i should go ahead and try for the single glass. Did you ever get it working right??