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06-12-2008, 10:12 AM
Well I thought Id share my road trip of riding my Harley from Houston Texas to North West Iowa to pick up a 67 long wheel base I bought and drive it back to Houston. This is kind of a long story but being that its been about 30 years since the last time I drove an old van across country I felt compelled to tell the Story.
After seeking shelter in north east Oklahoma from tennis ball sized hail and 70 mile an hour winds, getting my bike in the motel room just before all hell broke loose, I was held up for 12 hours. After arriving and inspecting the old girl I found that they had wired the brakes to a toggle switch on the dash, being that I knew there was no way I would remember to hit the toggle every time I touched the brakes I went to NAPA and got a switch and wired it up correctly. Then they had the brake lights as the regular lights so when you hit the brakes they actually dimmed, re-wired that and, wal1 la, breaks, lights and blinkers. I then put good rubber on her, jacked her up, greased everything I could and filled rear end up with oil. Pulled the bike in the back, tied her down and proceeded south (short version, actually wasnít that easy). The straight 6 ran good all the way to Oklahoma boarder where I settled in for the night. Woke to a puddle of water under radiator but could see no leaks. I filled her with water and 40 minutes later was dead on the road over heating. I got 5 1 gallon jugs of water and limped into a gas station, Took the thermostat out thinking that may be the culprit and took off again only to overheat 45 minutes later. After much aggravation on trying to figure out why she was heating up I opened the cap a bit and left it open, this seemed to help and I rolled on into Dallas to stay with a friend. (Stopping quite often). Since I was a menace on the freeway I decided to hit back roads and slow her down a bit. Winding through back roads at 50 to 55 she never over heated again. Canít believe I didnít blow that 6 cylinder up but she held together. Oh did I mention it was the ugliest van I had ever seen so I donít have any reservations about using her for a parts van to finish my short wheel base 68. Doors windows and other parts on the 67 are in great shape, just ugly. This is a short version of a crazy ass road trip that brought back old memories and Iím truly glad to be back home alive.
Roll on !!!!! hope to get the 68 done soon

06-12-2008, 11:45 AM
Now that sounds like fun. You'll look back on this with great memories. That is what life is all about, anyway.

Surfvan 1972
06-12-2008, 01:00 PM
The journey sometimes can be half the fun........ How about pictures, love pictures???

06-12-2008, 04:28 PM
That's the kind of trip I wish I could take again. Thanks to the dear wife, I have to cruise in air conditioned comfort in our '05 Chevy Van instead of the beloved '65. No, I am not well.

(as far as I'm concerned, I've never seen an ugly Chevy Van)

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06-12-2008, 05:08 PM
Sounds like a great adventure to me scooter!

06-13-2008, 05:47 AM
if you just drove to iowa, bought the van, and drove it home, there would not be much of a story to tell. unfortunately, most good stories are products of misfortune. despite the hassles, you were equipped with the right skills to make it run long enough to get home. imagine if you were at the mercy of mechanical shops along the way? you would have arrived home 2 months later with a new van. great story scooter. john

06-14-2008, 08:23 PM
In 1978 I had been driving a 66 90" flat glass with a 235 cdi, leaked more oil than it burned, so I decided to build a motor for it during the winter, it turned out to be the perfect winter for this project, cuz it was the worst snow season I had seen ever, lots of time to wrench. Finished about the end of may, running great, new motor, exaust sys, brakes, u joints, all lubed up, chrome spokes with wide new skins, new tape deck, all new interior. I took a vacation to AZ, then took a job there, whoops I need to move, fly home, gave notice, pack over the 2 weeks, everything I can is packed in the van, including my BSA 500 gold star single cyl cycle, I am on my way! We team drive from Aurora Ill to Phoenix in 32 hours, stopped for fuel

(on a pitstop in the middle of nowhere NM I pull into a gas station,pulled thru turned and swing around to the other side of the pumps, I keep hearing a pop,pop,pop, wonder what that is? I get out and all the lights are out in the pump area, that when I see the gas guy running out, he is pissed, seems that my 6 foot CB ant. has taken out all the floresent tubes overhead, we left quickly without gas)

, food, and well you know. I couldnt belive no problems with only 1000 miles on it when we started, but the next day after arriving I look under the front and I could see all the cord on both tires, we had worn out 2 brand new tires in 1850 miles, I guess that explaned the poor gas mileage, that was a new lesson on "what are kingpins".

Thats how I came to be in Arizona for over 30 years now

These Vans have had I big impact on me all my life, after all its a lifestye isnt it! LOL


06-15-2008, 07:00 AM
Man that is funny about the lights, Im still laughing, Great story and have a great F.D.