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05-09-2000, 10:04 PM
I'm in the process of restoring my 67 Sportvan that I have had for almost ten years. It's been sitting for about three years in my garage. I'm just about through with the body work and plan on having paint by the end of July. I hope to be able to post some pics soon. I will keep you informed of my progress over the next few months.

05-10-2000, 01:14 PM
it is cool to see that soon another van will be prowling the streets again after all these years. if noone else cares, i do so keep me posted..... a fellow vanner, tim

05-27-2000, 08:20 PM
i care too. i think any old car being revived is cool. gives the new cars competition.keep me updated too.

06-14-2000, 07:32 PM
Well, my 67 got hauled off to the junk yard today. Just kidding! http://www.vcvc.org/ubb/smile.gif It's actually getting the rhino lining sprayed on the inside to deaden the noise, seal the holes and make for a nice clean base to build the interior. I'm having the entire floor and wheel wells covered, the lower side walls, the roof and down into the front door sills. They're even going to do the doghouse and lid inside and out. I'm still in the process of doing the body work (right front corner where there's some minor damage, and in front of the left rear wheel well). Primer should be going on in a couple weeks. I have to have my doors dipped to remove all the paint and bondo so I can start fresh. Thing's are definately coming along. I'll keep you posted. Happy vanning! Bryan

12-30-2002, 07:37 PM
Hey I would like to know how things turned out and how you dealt with some of the problems you came a crossed. Did your doors shut right? I have played and played with my doors and the still donít seal right. What was the round about price for the rhino lining and/or was it worth it? And your doors I donít even know how to find or what to ask for dipped in acid, right? My doors may not be that bad but I donít know. I am going in to this blind any rays of light would help thanks.


Henry Tupper
12-30-2002, 08:57 PM
As mentioned before I bought mine new in Oct. 66 and when I parked it out side at home it had snow INSIDE in the morning. Its still drafty with good door rubber now.So I would like to know what is a good fit? Henry

12-30-2002, 10:48 PM
CV, I would get some Premium Strip paint remover from Home Depot to do the doors. $17.00 a gallon and about an hour on each door. It will take it down to the bare metal and save you a lot of money. Plus if you are careful and mask off the area, you can leave the doors on to strip them.