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Panel Fan
05-19-2000, 06:11 PM
Okay, here's the deal ... I know I've only been looking for about 5 weeks, but I'm having zero luck finding even a few parts, let alone a complete set of usable shift linkage components to replace the mush ones I have now.
My buddy doing the work for me says I need everything frm the shifter arm all the way back to the transmission connections.
So, offer me your expertise please ... do I keep hunting or do I look at swapping out tranmissions?
If so, what are my most viable, functional and economical options?
Remember all, I'm a van FAN, not a van mechanic, so please talk genly to me ....

05-19-2000, 08:43 PM
well, the one thing to keep in mind while analyzing your situation is that these are old vehicles that even in new condition never shifted like today's vehicles.

for the most part, the shifter linkage in our vans is very basic, no hydraulics or cables. it is a series of rods connected by joints and bushings. these joints are usually the culprits in shifting problems. once the bushings in the joints wear out, shifting becomes sloppy, noisy, and can sometimes get stuck. in some cases, the noise and sticking can be cured with a lube job. there are a few grease fittings on the linkage that you can apply a grease gun to.

if the bushings are worn, you can have the linkage rebushed. since there are no repro linkages available, it's easiest and cheapest to work with what you have.

the transmission is not part of the problem or the solution so there's no point in changing it.

some early owners have added aftermarket cable-shifters to their vans, so that is an option as well. probably not as inexpensive as working with the original linkage, but better for quick shifting and racing.

original parts are hard to come by, but they are out there. bushings can be matched or fabricated. broken and severely worn parts can be replaced. i'm sure there are some early owners out there who have some extra linkage parts lying around.

as for my opinion, i'd try to keep it original and find any parts that need replacing. in fact, i may have a part or two to spare. email me if you have more specific questions regarding your project. http://www.vcvc.org/ubb/wink.gif

05-19-2000, 09:04 PM
I had to replace a few of my transmisson bushings, namely the ones where the shift rods connect to the transmission shifter arms. I could not find any good bushings in a junkyard, but after some measuring, I realized that I could use a pretty standard size brass bushing. I can't remember offhand what size the bushing was, but if you're desperate, I could find out. These brass bushings are better than the OEM bushings, which were plastic, anyway. If you need the bushings that go inside the pedal assembly, I don't have any info for you. I need to replace mine, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Unless they are REALLY BAD, these bushing won't affect your shifting, but they may affect your clutch. That is, depending on how the pedal assembly moves when you push in the clutch, you may or may not grind the gears a little bit. I had this problem with another van once and it took me forever to track down the source of the problem.
Good Luck,

05-26-2000, 02:34 PM
hey, i have a problem with my linkage too. I think everything works fine but i need a shifter and any parts up around there.does anyone know what cars can interchange shifters or does anyone out there have one?
also, there is a thing that bolts to the frame next to where the trans bolts to the engine. mine is flopping around. how do i fix this? i have a th350 trans and a column shift.