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06-13-2000, 07:28 PM
hey guys im thinking about putting a 454 in a van or some other kind of big block in a van maybe in the future. i have already spotted a running van with trans problems that looks like the body is in decent shape but it has cruddy paint for 400$ that i could use. has this been done in a street van that anyone knows of? what kinds of changes would i have to make? would it be worth it? would it even be possible to make one streetable? does anyone have pics or info? van on guys

06-13-2000, 11:20 PM
Cool idea!.....with the short wheel base AND right tires and suspesion you could probably lift the front tires off the road!

Heavy spring packs and ladder bars would be needed at the back....and I would re-box in the frame on both sides from from to back with 1/8" plate steel all round......and of course put a 12 or better a 14 bolt rear end in it....the 14 bolt goes in not too bad I have one in my 66.

A custome rad would be a must too the 454's really throw the heat out.

Rich Van Linkel
06-14-2000, 12:45 PM
I remember looking through a old van magazine of mine and seen an article on a guy who did just that. He put a 454 in a 64-66 Chevy Van, did some major body mods and named it the "Rinky Dink Express". I'll try and look for it in my stacks of old van magazines and let you know more. Maybe some of you other old vanners remember the magazine it was in. I have Van World, RV Van World,Peterson's Vans and pich ups,Hor rod magazines Vans,Vans and trucks,and a ton of Truck'in magazines. I found it! Its in the January 79 issue of Peterson's Vans and Pick ups on page 54.

Have fun,