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09-11-2001, 12:02 AM
my mechanic wants to put a v6 in my 64 i now know from you guys ill have to swap doghouses what is correct way to go about this thankyou very much for any help from frank

09-13-2001, 12:48 AM
i guess what i meant was can you put in alater doghouse while my orginal 6 is in or is that a stupid way to go and just do all the switches at the same time i hope i make sense. thanks alot from frank

09-13-2001, 02:17 AM
all i can tell you is there are two ways to go on this.i have seen vanners extend there 64-66 van doghouses out by welding on additions to there original doghouses and i have also seen a 67-70 doghouse put in its place.you mentioned about leaving the engine in place.i myself would not suggest adding welded on sections with the engine in there just because of the safety issue as well as difficulty in fit and finish issues.as far as adding on a new doghouse obviously first step is to acquire a complete doghouse assy(lid and bottom sections out of a 67-70 model)then its a matter of drilling out all the doghouse to floor spotwelds and removing the original doghouse.not that hard to do.what you need to do is lay in the later doghouse and size up or square out the doghouse since the seat bracket mounts off of the doghouse.once this is done outline the outer edge of the (new)doghouse and measure back from this line the width of the new doghouse floor lip.should be 1-3 inches(measure to get an idea).trim up the old floor back this wider amount using the doghouse(new)as your trim back guide.smooth out floor cut edge,seal and bolt with sheetmetal screws the new doghouse in place.thats all.by bolting you will be able to totally remove doghouse from vehicle and if you wish you can even get a big block chevy in their now.bottom line you can leave motor in place and still be able to do the swap.good luck and keep us informed on your decision.hope this helps tom

09-13-2001, 01:41 PM
I did this in my 64 and here's some advice:

get a rust-free doghouse from a 67-70 van. The one I used had what looked like minimal rust until I started cleaning it. It required quite a bit of reconstructive surgery in the end.

Doghouse placement is SUPER-CRITICAL. You need to make sure that you place it in the center (actually, it will be offset slightly) and that the radiator mount is in the right location. Basically, if you're not careful, your radiator will be too far back and you won't be able to put a straight 6 in it. The straight 6 motor is a tight fit, so you want to make sure there is enough room that the fan wont chew up your radiator. I know you say you're putting in a V-6, but it's still a good idea.

I said before to make sure it's centered. In reality, there is slightly more room on the driver's side when it is properly located. Keep in mind that you will need to get some seats in there, so you may want to think about that now.

You robably won't have to remove your e-brake handle, but you might.

While you're at it, you may want to consider upgrading to the 67-70 dual master cylinder as well.


solid side 65
09-13-2001, 11:44 PM
65dream: Installing a 67-70 doghouse with the stock 6 is "not a stupid way to go" IMO. I have done it twice. If the donor van was an original V8 with the crossflow radiator, the upper radiator mount needs to be removed to clear the 65 radiator. If you can find a V8 van, I would get the doghouse, radiator, lower radiator mount, shroud and the parking brake lever, if there is a V8 or V6 in your future. At the least get the doghouse with the lid prop rod and parking brake lever.
I have seen some nice 64-66 doghouses that have been widened for V8's. One even had removable panels on the sides for improved access to the plugs and valve covers. Let your skills and imagination flow.
As previously posted the doghouse alignment on the floor is important. The stock engine-trans center line is offset 1" to the passengers side. I used sheet metal screws the first time, and nutserts the last time for floor attachment. I filled the tunnel hole in the front of the 67-70 doghouse to retain the flat floor, some add a tunnel for increased air flow. I can now remove the seats and the doghouse and have access to the engine from the floor up in short order.

09-14-2001, 12:19 AM
IMO, the tunnel is a must for any V-8 installation. So is the bellypan (even the six will overheat at high speeds). For temperatures above 90 degrees, I also recommend a 3 inch scoop under the bellypan. --- TV

09-14-2001, 06:09 PM
my 64 has the tunnel already so i guess the orginal owner did it in front of the doghouse there is like about 1 or 2 feet straight platform and the when you look through the grill you see a tunnel made from metal i will eventualy cover the platform with carpet and put cup holders there one more question for now are the later doghouses longer in the back and wider? thanks alot for all the respones on this subject much appreciated take it easy from frank