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02-25-2001, 12:23 PM
I am new to this board, and I am guessing that this question pops up from time to time, so, how about it? One more time?
What doors are compatible from 64-66 over to 67-70? I know the key lock on the early ones in the front door handle button and below, in the sheet metal, on the later ones.
I believe that the side marker lights are also different in certain years on the front doors, but will a later door fit in an early model?
It also looks like all of the side and back doors will fit. Are the side and the back doors interchangable?
Thanks a lot.
Ross in Boulder Colorado

02-25-2001, 06:06 PM
to the best of my knowledge this is the scoop on the doors.front drivers doors on 64-66 have the key entry pushbutton in the handle,67 has a seperate keylock minus marker lights,68&69 with marker lights.all of these can be interchanged however welding holes shut for lights and keyholes would be necessary.now onto side doors.all side doors all years 64-69 are interchangeable don't forget there are two styles window and non-window.finally onto rear doors.64-69 right rear doors are all the same except for emblem hole location.64-66 left rear door are the same they use the small style license lite assy and a small rubber bumper to extend the license plate assy out.on 67-69 they use a large style license plate lite assy and two raised "stamped up steel" in the door to hold license plate out from body.don't forget they come in window and non-window type.to sum it all up all sheetmetal is interchangeable but depending on year will require holes to be plugged or added depending on from what year to what year you plan on swapping from.hope this helps.if any corrections exist please let me know.info should be correct.tom

02-25-2001, 06:10 PM
one other tidbit i left out all 64-69 side and rear doors are interchangeable but dont forget if moving left rear to the side you will have to deal with plugging license plate holes.

solid side 65
02-25-2001, 09:04 PM
the right rear doors don't have an inside handle that allow exiting from the interior. the lock assemblies are interchangeable side to rear doors. a nice convenience upgrade on a no door. also the interior handles and regulator, lock assemblies are different between 64-66 and 67-70. the 64-66 use a set screw and the 67-70's use a clip ring to secure the interior door and window handles.

02-25-2001, 11:27 PM
Thanks for the help.
I have a 65 and all the doors are good, however, there is a local "pull your own parts" salvage yard near me that occationally gets a 64 to 70 van in, and on weekends they run specials. One special that they run from time to time is "All doors and fenders, hoods and trunk lids, $12.95. Well, I just wouldn't be able to pass up such a thing. I'm a pack rat. What can I say? Here in Colorado we get some great body parts, rust free. Of course sometimes we get transplants from the East who bring their rusty vehicles with them.
(I lived the first 40 years of my life in Chicago, so I know what salt can do. In fact I lost my first 66 Chevy Van to rust.)
Anyway, while I don't like selling parts, I do like trading parts, and if I come up with anything, I will post it in the future.
Ross in Boulder Colorado