View Full Version : New Rear is IN

03-16-2002, 09:44 AM

I finally got that new rear end installed. It turned out, on my 65 cargo 90, to be a 12 bolt open differential with an 8.75 inch ring gear. This rear end was very common on these vans and is referred to as the "12T".

Let me highly recommend Randy's Ring and Pinion (http://www.ring-pinion.com/home.html), as these guys were very professional, very knowledgable and sell a quality product at a good price.

As it turns out, a ring gear diameter is measured from outside edge to outside edge and not from bolthole center to bolthole center if anyone remembes that discussion.

Anyway, she runs strong and smooth and silent now, except that I ripped out the throttle linkage and have to finish up the throttle cable install this morning. I should be done with that in a couple of hours.

Cheers all, and thanks again for all the advice and encouragement that this board offers.