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Rich Van Linkel
09-03-2001, 02:46 PM
While at the Left Coast Rally we threw around the idea of making up some buisness type cards of our club to stick on other vans we see to let them know about the club. It is a great idea, and the more vintage vans I see, the more it tells me we need to get this done. So, now that my vacation and anniversary is over, maybe now I can get busy on some of these art projects. Highdiver, I will try and get you some art work within the coming week so you can get started on the cards. Surfcat, I would love to collaborate with you on some art projects for the club. I've visited you web site and seen your art work, but I'm afraid if you want to see mine you'll have to bug Smiley to post them, or wait and see if I can scann some and send them your way. We have a lot of talent in this club, lets start using it to make it more visible. Since the rally I've seen a 64-66 Sportvan and a panel van in a city just 25 miles north of me in Washington. I saw a real nice 64-66 panelvan all primmered heading East on I-84. There are more of us out there guys so lets get us all together.

the Bohemian

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solid side 65
09-03-2001, 09:23 PM
Rich, I also saw a 64-66 panel van eastbound on I 84 recently, near Hood River. It was hot rod primered, dark gray black, had the Sportvan tail light bezels and some long 2x6ís poking out the shotgun window. Was it the same van?
I couldnít agree with you more about utilizing the talent stockpiled here.

09-04-2001, 08:10 AM
hey rich, how is it going? your art work that i used on the banner for the first annual rally would make a great window sticker. i plan on talking to the print shop teacher here at school to see if one of her second year student could make them for us. i will keep you informed.


09-22-2001, 10:14 AM
Hey Rich Van Linkel the Club tee shirts and busines cards sound like a great idea...A good way to rally the troops , and boost club morale. If I can help with this, let me know. Partyvanbeagles (Greg Coats. Saint Charles, Missouri. Phone:636-443-1335)

09-22-2001, 10:17 AM
Hello Pat69chevan. I think I read that your in Saint Louis, We live in Saint Charles! Where abouts in the city are you? "Partyvanbeagles" (Greg Coats. Phone 636-443-1335)

09-24-2001, 09:51 PM
hey fellow st louisian!!!! you got company in st louie besides myself, i live near lambert airport, my digits is 314-426-6722 or 314-318-6785 (best way to reach me) i got a 69 108 sportvan custom, and there is warlock, he's got a 69 G20, he lives in the city. COOL, WE CAN ALL GET TOGETHER AND CRUISE!!!!! I WILL GIVE YOU A CALL SOMETIME TOMMORROW EVENING, IF YOU DONT HEAR FROM ME, DROP ME A PAGE ANYTIME, I GOT SCHOOL TOMMORROW NIGHT.