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11-21-2001, 10:27 PM
today, as if it were an animal instinct, i jacked up the frontend and started working on it. i took the wheels and drums off and checked things out, and suprisingly, sitting up 18 years had done the van some good. every thing under the drums were rust free, and everything was still intact. the springs were not stretched, and they still retained their original color, red and blue. the wheel cylinders were not leaking, and the pads were worn but not hidieous. one pad on the passenger side was worn down to two or three rivets, and the drum had a small groove in it, but otherwise, it diddnt look to badly worn out. the shocks were blown, and all the bushings were rotted, so i decided to do a frontend rebuild. i removed the shocks, sway bar, brake lines and the(steering link???) that comes off of the pitman arm. i unbolted the leaf springs, and ran into one nut on the shackle thats being a b**ch and wont come off. im going to take the axle, springs, and brake assemblys and hubs off all as one unit, and put the wheels on it and roll it to the garage and work on it in there. i still got to get that one bolt off, though. i need some help with some things,------------------------------------------------
the springs are made of two layers in my van. the back of each spring has a u-shaped piece and a bolt holding it together, but on the front, theres nothing holding it and the bottom layer just flops down. is this right?----------------------------------------------------------- i figured new bushings all around would be kind of hard to find, and once i do find them, i probably wont have much variety. does anyone know where i can get a set of polyurethane bushings from maybe another car that would fit? any other type of bushings? i want something really good.-------------------------------------------------------------
my van has a front sway bar, and it says gmc on the bracket that bolts to the axle, and i figured it might be off a bigger gmc van. i dont know though, could it be stock? also, does anyone have a factory sway bar, and are you happy with its performance? can i get a bigger one off another car that would be better?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also, do the springs have alignment pins, or do i have to bolt it on in just the right spot? can i take the springs off the axle without having to whip out the tape measure when i put them back on?

11-22-2001, 09:31 AM
So, first you can replace the spring bushings with poly or neo. Just messure the I.D. and width of the eye and check with your local 4x4 store.
The sway bar is most likly stock and the bushings are likly the same as most light duty chevy applications.
On my 65 there are clamp sort of things around the leaves both front and back of front and rear springs. There are rubber pads between the leaves as well.
And the axles do indeed have index pins. Removal and replacement of the springs
is easy.
Moog suspension may have all the Stock parts you need. The poly bushings will squeek if you do not apply antiseize compound to all surfaces.
Buy Spring over heavy duty shocks for the front.
Hope that helps,

11-22-2001, 09:52 PM
A little something that might help.
I recently emailed the folks at PST about availablity of anti-sway bars for my 69 GMC Van. The following is an excerpt from their response.
They seem like good folks.

"Thank you for your recent inquiry with Performance Suspension Technology.
We do offer front as well as rear sway bars for this vehicle. For the front we
have an 1 1/8" bar and for the rear 3/4" or 1". With Polygraphite bushings each
bar sells for $159.00 and with OEM rubber for $119.00.
Shipping is free to 48 states via UPS ground. To other destinations
shipping charges are at our cost.
It has been a pleasure hearing from you and I hope we have been
helpful to you.
Please do not hesitate to write again. You may call us from 8:30 am
to 8 pm Monday thru Friday at 1-800-247-2288. My extension is 369.
Thank you,
Lee Bernard

11-24-2001, 02:45 PM
Hey, thanks a lot for the sway bar info!
The stock 7/8 bar on the '65 just doesn't cut it, I've been looking for a (reasonably priced) 1-1/8 bar for a long time now.
The '69 has no bar, so I was thinking I could put the 7/8 from the '65 on there.
Does anyone know if it will fit?
I wonder how they fit that 1-1/8 bar into those tiny clamps on the frame..... really thin rubber bushings? --- TV