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07-15-2000, 05:50 PM
Well, I just spent two days piecing together new wheel cylinders and NICE stainless steel braided brake lines for the front of my van. Spent about $160.00 altogether. I got home and started installing the wheel cylinders and noticed that the top of the king pin housing was right in the way of the inlet to the wheel cylinder. There is no possible way to get this awesome set-upm to work without cutting off about 1/2 inch of the king ping shaft and re drilling and tapping the holes for the cap. So, now I guess I'm back to square one. If anyone knows where I can get new front wheel cylinders for the 1967-1970 G20 van, I'd sure appreciate the info. Here I was all ready to take pics and give my info out to you guys on a great fix, but it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully this guy, Pat, at Crussen Classics will be able to rig up a front disc brake set up with six lugs for me. I guess for know I'm destined to try and tap out the bleeder valve threads and put in a larger bleeder valve. The current threads ore shot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bryan

07-15-2000, 06:54 PM
Hmmm I had my fromts honed out and new seals.....that dosen't help the bleader valve though....I think tapping it out is a good idea.

A down and dirty methode I have used is to just plug the bleader (weld it if you have to) and blead the breaks by loosening the line fitting a bit.

It works fine......if in fact there is alittle air left in the line or cylinder it will work it's way past the seal in the cylinder in a few days


07-16-2000, 09:44 PM
I got this reply in my email today and wanted to share it with the rest of you. It's from loopy68@webtv.net. I'll be on the phone in the morning trying to find these cylinders. Thanks Loopy68. "I also have a G20, 68, and rebuilt the brakes in 98 and ran into the same problem you are having. Every parts store I went to told me that the front wheel cylinders were an obsolete part and they could only get rebuild kits. Until a new chain of parts stores opened up called Central Auto Parts. A guy there crossed referenced several parts from Wagner until he found one that matched. I can`t find the box with the part number on it, but I do have the invoice from when I purchased them. It has two numbers on it and I`m not sure if one of them is the exact part number, but if you want to look into it maybe a parts store near you can locate them. The invoice shows as the item #73619, product # D 9002N53-brake. It was a perfect match. If you still have trouble finding it, let me know and I will call the parts store and see if i can get the Wagner part number for you. They have a 1 3/16 inch bore and were $45 each."

07-17-2000, 11:46 PM
So I ended up buying a bleeder valve repair kit which consists of a new threaded insert and a new bleeder valve that screws into it. All you do is drill out the old valve hole and tap the larger hole, insert the adapter with some permanent locktite and screw in the new bleeder valve. It works great so far. I decided to keep the stainless brake lines though. I am going to replace that big brass fitting with an adapter and screw the stainless brake line directly into the adapter however. It may save a little space in that tight area. I will try to post pics of the set up so you can see what it looks like. Thanks for all the help, but I just couldn't fathom welding the valve port shut. It just didn't seem like the right way to go about doing things.

07-18-2000, 12:04 PM
Actually, I have never had trouble getting wheel cylinders, but they are pricey. Wheel cylinders for these vans can be bought at most large part stores like Auto Zone, NAPA, or Advance. The front cylinders for a 64-66 cost about $30-$45 each depending on which store you go to. The wheel cylinders for a 68 are much cheaper (about $15 each). In fact, I bought some of the cheaper cylinders a while ago because I wanted to try putting them in my 65. I never did get around to trying it tho. Are the front wheel cylinders interchangeable across ALL years of the vans?

Anyway, generally speaking, NAPA can get you almost any part, obsolete or not. I was able to get the proper radiator hoses from NAPA so I didn't have to use flex hoses. The only thing they bombed out on was my gas tank filler hose. They didn't have anything smaller than 1.5" diameter.


07-18-2000, 10:51 PM
yeah wending shut the bleeder is really "down a dirty" but it wroks.....I had a pick up wiht the modification done it ran for years like that.

The mechanic on the next block refused to hunt down wheel cyliders for me when he did my saftey he just honned them out.....that was a few years ago and it works fine

I just remebered I have the old rear axle out of my 66 van ready to scrap......should I save the wheel cyliders or other break parts?

Are the back and front wheel cylinders the same?

The breaks were fine when I swapped it.....just the gears were howling

Does any one want the old break parts cheap??


07-22-2000, 11:40 AM
I found wheel cylinders in stock at Lappens auto parts. I may have the box still if anyone needs the #. I walked in, told them what i needed for my 69 and walked out with four cylinders and a master on the way, which worked out beautifully. Lappens has actually had a good amount of replacement parts for more generic things like brakes.
A web site called ESPO springs and things just sent me a "front end kit" consisting of new tie rod ends, leaf spring shackles and bushings, swaybar bushings and kingpins, along with some other things that I havent Identified yet.
timothymsweeney@flashcom.net for more info if you need it.

07-26-2000, 04:26 PM
guess I'm lucky, I did all that way back in 79 when I bought the van and it hasn't been driven in snow since, so all that stuff is still in good shape. however, I can get an 87 Trans-Am GTA for $1000 with a good 350 TPI and TH700 O/D trans plus 4 wheel discs. a local rear end shop can modify the rear to fit my van, and with a front disc conversion I can get 4 whell discs and the 4 3/4 5 bolt wheels in one shot!

08-14-2000, 10:11 AM
My '68 has a leaky front cylinder, so I checked NAPA first. They carry the front cylinders, in stock, for $49 ea. Rear brake pads, $9.99. Front pads, $26.99.

08-16-2000, 02:36 PM
Hey Guys. My Dad and I were at a local Auto Parts place here in Michigan (AutoZone) and We bought brand new front wheel Cylinders for his 68 Panel Van.

Now I am not that good at remember technical names, but these "cylinders" are what the brake lines connect to right? And they have rubber seals at the end and everything slides back and forth in it right? And of course the bleeder valve is on it also?

Well, we only paid a little over $8 each for the fronts. The backs are over $35 each(OUCH). My dad was going to take off the seals and the silver looking caps on both sides and clean them up and put new gaskets on them, but they were so old that we decided to see if Autozone had any, and sure enough they came brand new.

Well, if you try hard enough you can find them. We were lucky to walk up the store and walk in and walk out. If you live in a Rural area.....go into the city and you should be able to find them.

I hope this helps.

08-17-2000, 06:27 PM
Man.... I just don get it, everyone`s talking about how easy it was to find wheel cylinders for their vans and I literaly looked for years in every parts store imaginable including NAPA and AutoZone where I was either givin the wrong part or told the part I needed was obsolete and no longer available. Is it because my van has the hydrovac assisted system? Does anyone else have them option # J70AG? I got lucky eventualy and found a counter person that took the time and cross referenced several cylinders till he found a match. Other parts stores kept giving me parts with a 1 1/8 inch bore and I needed 1 3/16. Van On!

08-18-2000, 08:13 PM
Yes. The hydrovac system has larger wheel cylinders. by the way, have much trouble bleeding them? I heard they could be an S.O.B. I parted out a 68 with em, took one look and said "I don't need power brakes THAT bad!"

08-19-2000, 01:32 AM
No, bleeding them wasn`t that bad at all. The boosters have valves on them that helps to get the air out to that point, then you bleed them at the cylinders just like any other vehicle. Some of the bends were a little tricky but well worth the time and what little trouble it gave me. That extra stopping power comes in handy when you have to carry a heavy load.