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12-24-2000, 11:22 PM
I was talking to a 4wd buddy of mine tonight about installing an air compressor on my van, I have two reasone for having a compressor. The first is to power the "get the hell outta my way" air horns on my rig, and the second is to have an onboard air supply for airing up tires or powering air tools out of the shop. He recommended using a York style pump to accomplish this. Apparently, a York pump is an a/c compressor that has it's own internal oil supply. It hooks up to your engine like a regular a/c pump and provides a constant source of air to your airtank. Most of the details can be answered on this page http://www.jeeptech.com/body/york/
here's another site I found. While the applications is for a Jeep vehicle, the author provides a complete diagram of his set-up and a list of materials http://www.harryworld.com/harry/york.html
I know where I'm gonna be after Christmas. Scouring the junkyard for a York compressor to install on my ride. I realize it may take away a little bit of horsepower, but with 375 horses under the lid, I think it's worth the sacrifice. Anyway, just though I'd share. Vannman


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12-25-2000, 09:42 PM
hey, sounds pretty good! I knew a guy who had this setup on a 76 gmc pickup, to tow his racer. he liked having the air on his truck, rather than using nitrogen bottles, like other racers. he had his tube bumper fitted as an air tank, and made sure it was empty before driving, just in case.

12-30-2000, 09:54 AM
I have the on board air compressor in my 66 (if it gets running again).

I use a PowerStar 1300 inverter powering a regualr oiless 1 HP compressor.....it runs the air horns GREAT, perfect for airing up tires and it even runs the air tools......but you have to be patient if yoiu use it alot as it runs down qucikly as the 1HP is not really big enouigh for heavy use of air tools.