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solid side 65
05-22-2000, 01:21 PM
This is an old swap that some new owners may not be aware of:

64-66 owners who still have a 6 cylinder engine: Want upgraded instrumentation in a bolt in? The 63-64 Corvair Spyder (the turbo model) came with a brushed aluminum dash with a 6 cylinder tach, speedo with trip odometer, gas, head temp and manifold gauges. The shape and dimensions are the same as the van instrument panel and bolt right in. The speedo and gas gauge connect up to the van cable and wiring. The head and manifold gauges can be replaced with standard aftermarket 2 1/16" oil and water units. You need to run a wire to the distributor for the tach. Don't forget to get the matching Spyder brushed aluminum glove box door also.