View Full Version : Replaceing Drag link? (long post)

07-28-2000, 11:08 PM
Replaceing drag link (also called the center link)??

I don;t know if they are all the same but on my 66 the center link is all one piece.......no adjustable or removable tie rod ends!

The factory recomended methode of removal and replaecment is to pull the pitman arm......these are VERY hard to remove when rusty and very very little heat can be used without risk of damageing the stearing box componants.......the puller designed to remove the pitman arm is massive (and expensive) of course I'm sure you could just rent one in bigger towns.

BUT i have a better methode!!

After useing a "pickle fork" to separate the tappered ball joint stems from the pitman arm and the steering arm.....the front end of the center link (or drag link) will ALMOST come out......but it's butting up against the frame of the van.

My methode is to crank the wheel (carefully it turns real easy with nothing on it) all the way to one side so the pitman arm is all the way to the front as far as it will go.

Mark the frame and and cran the steering wheel back for clearance......then useing a cutoff wheel on the grinder notch the frame "corner" so the drag link comes out!.......there is one of those oval punch out holes in the frame in JUST the right place.......just notch it right to the edge.

After I welded a piece back in on an angle to keep the frame strong in this area (althoug it's probably not nessecary) and still allow the drag link to go on and off anytime.