View Full Version : Disc brake solution?

01-12-2002, 01:55 AM
I think have a solution to the disc brake/sway bar/shock dilemma.
`64 thru `66 vans:
Use a `64 thru `66 bar, with shorter links, and spacers to drop it down from the frame to clear the (required) dual master, then move the shock to the front of the axle.
`67 thru `70 vans:
Do the same things, but in addition a custom bracket must be made to adapt the `64 thru `66 sway bar to the later axle, because the leaf springs are wider, and the `64 thru `66 U-bolt bracket won't fit. 1/2" steel would work, with longer U-bolts (if needed).
While you're at it, might as well upgrade to a nice, thick 1-1/4" bar at the same time! --- TV

solid side 65
01-12-2002, 02:45 PM
TV: some of the aftermarket 1 1/4" front sway bars for the 64-66's mount off the axle like the 67-70's. One size fits all? I used 1" square tubing to space the bar down for extra clearance for the dual M/C, as you suggested. I was also thinking of using a saddle mount for the shocks to move them up as you also suggested. I already have a set of shorter front KYB gas shocks from my dropped axle days. I think I'll lurk here until someone else has the disk brake R&D finished, the tilt column and dropped axle wore me out.