View Full Version : 1965 Chevy Van For Sale

06-17-2000, 11:17 PM
There's a forward control chevy van for sale a few miles away from my house. It has 1965 on the forsale sign and has a phone number. (Which I forgot-- have to go back and look)Anyway, my question is that it doesn't have any doors on the back. Instead, it has one metal panel attached to the back where the two doors are normally located. Was a van like this produced, or is this just a person who can't find rear doors for their van? Tom

06-19-2000, 01:16 AM
hi tom,
the van originally had doors on the back. it was not an option to have a solid panel in the rear. sometime in the last 35 years that panel was added as a custom feature. my guess is that upon further inspection, you may find it to be a gull-winged rear door (a common customization). if not, it's probably just a solid panel welded in to delete the rear doors for a more boxey look.