• Driving one of these old Flat Windows 64 G-10 Panel

    Well, finally had the time to drive my 64 Flat Window, "BABY DOLL".

    Let me say first, this little van drives like a dream; no shake, no shimmy, no hopping. Smooth as silk even over rough asphalt. Can't hardly hear her run, except on first start up, and everything works....but no radio. Steering is rock solid. Just point and that's where she goes.

    Funny non-stock color...almost a burnt Butterscotch or like a watered down glass of scotch & water...one that the ice has melted in.

    1st gear 0-27
    2nd gear 25-55
    3rd gear 50-75 (speed drops between shifts, she's a brick in the wind).

    But I wasn't trying to kill her, just wanted to see what she could do if I need to get out of the way of something (like a mad husband or upset girlfriend). Ha! Cruised 50 miles, nonstop, at 70-75. No problem, no strain. Turned around and did it again. She will go faster than 75, but at that speed I worried about the brakes since I was in freeway traffic (and sober).

    After not having driven a G-10 in 20 plus years, the first thing I noticed was that when you sit behind the steering wheel it feels like you just got into a really big bread box....which is funny because when you first look at the exterior she seems really small. And not being used to starting a carburetored engine (235)......that takes some getting use to. No hit the key and drive off. Taking off from a red light takes some time to get used to, but after a little drive time that comes back to you, especially if you have ever driven a carburetored engine with a standard transmission before.

    When you first close that big old driver's door, it sounds like you just have been in a small fender bender. No sound deadner in these old girls. Had to shut the door twice to make sure, but she was solid.

    You also have to remember to turn later and quicker when making right turns. That comes back to you pretty quick, but makes the eyes on people that have never ridden in a G-10 look alive as they stare at you. The only complaint I have is those big old mirrors, 6X12 dual arms....they've got to go....[they] make too many blind spots when turning left.

    Since it was about 100ยบ outside, the door windows were open; the firewall vent was open.
    70 mph, at a solid cruise, I thought to myself "it is just like riding my motorcycle with a windshield and no helmet on my head"..... it was really kind of nice since this is the first vehicle I've owned in a long time with no AC (roughing it).

    I originally was going to cut her all up: Mustang II front, power rack, V6 4.3, automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes, and dual AC. Now, I don't know. She maybe too good of a van to change. She has a lot of character and she is fun to drive if you like old and mellow.

    Well, time will tell, but in the mean time it's back to "Keep on Truckin' On".

    Going to drive her some more before I do anything stupid.


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