• Things that take you back.....

    We all have them. Something you see or hear that transports you back to a time in your past. Sometimes it's something you seek, like finding that van you always wanted, sometimes it just finds you.

    Today, I was driving from Louisville KY to Rome Gerogia. I got caught in a traffic jam on I-65 in Nashville. I figured what the heck, lunchtime. Pulled off the freeway and right there was a Jack-In-The Box.

    Now those of you west of the Old Man River areprobably thinking "so what?"- well, there hasn't been a Jack in Michigan for about 35 years. I stopped in and bought some tacos- deep fried greasy goodness that just took me back to when I was in junior high and me and my dirt biking buddies would congregate there. See, there was about a 3/4 mile long stretch of undeveloped property right behind the Jack-In-The-Box that was trees and trails and mud and we would ride our dirtbikes back there for hours. When we were done, we'd park the bikes in front of Jack and go in for tacos- the cheapest thing on the menu.

    Well, sitting in that Nashville Jack just brought all that back to me, the dirtbikes, racing around our 'private' track, the falls and scrapes and occassional loss of motorcycle in mid-air (that would be me, trying to impresssome girls watching. They weren't impressed) and all the stuff that teenage gearheads do.

    We went to different high schools soon after those days, lost touch, and the Jack in the box was torn down and replaced with a small strip mall, our race track is now a street full of medical offices (oh, the irony with the number of injuries on that property) and there is not even a trace of it left.

    Those that have been by my place wonder why there are certain things I hang on to. My Great Grandfather's shotgun, my Uncle's 65 Ducati, my 68 Chevy Van- all things from my youth and part of who I am. Things that cannot be replaced, as they remind me of all the good times in my life.
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