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    The VCVC is a community of Vintage Chevy Van owners, a resource center for Early Chevy Van parts and information, and is one of the largest active van clubs in the world today. With members in nearly every state and five countries, the Vintage Chevy Van Club represents early Chevy owners, worldwide.

    The club became official on January 1998, and the Vintage Chevy Van Club's site was launched that same month. With no specific focus on vintage vans of any make up til that time, the club began to establish a very loyal membership of vanners from around the country.

    Whether you have one Chevy van, a dozen earlies, or no vintage van at all; if you are in love with the 1964-1970 Chevrolet G-Series Van, you just found home.
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    If this is your first time here, take a second to register to view and post in our club forums, blogs, and gallery.

    Any questions or comments? Send an email to info@vcvc.org.
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    Here is some valuable information provided by the GM Heritage Center about our vans, by year.

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    Attachment 6715
    Carl "The Viewmaster" Giustozzi, 2001.

    The Vintage Chevy Van Club lost one its very important, longtime members today. Known as "The Viewmaster", Carl was a integral member at all VCVC gatherings since the first, held in Branson, MO, in June 2001. Please post your pictures, memories, and stories of Carl in the Viewmaster thread on our message board.
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    It's official. The Vintage Chevy Van Council will host the Council of Councils 2014 in New Orleans!

    More details to follow on our council page:


    See you next February 6-8, 2014 in NEW ORLEANS!!

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