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  1. thanks

    I had to give up on the spring idea. I am going to take from your post the hardness and check with what I have found elsewhere, well, rock auto, fel pro has some studs and nuts that would fit
  2. exhaust manifold studs and springs, can't find

    I am infrequent member here, I love my stock white cargo van got it new in 95 and have over 280k miles and runs great.
    I developed a small noise when I drive around town or give the engine a...
  3. thanks

    The original used the paper type gasket, so thats what I better stay with. Its too bad rock auto has gaskets on the same page that are not applicable to the model of van I am buying for. My error is...
  4. 95 van, paper or rubber gasket for thermostat

    I just ordered a new thermostat for my 95 chevy van, from rock auto I could see that there was also a rubber gasket for the therm..I am sure that normally I have used a paper gasket in times...
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    finally did it and ramblings

    Yes I finally had got the job done, Yeah!!! cricket sounds... I had to take apart the old pump and the commutator had darkness on a few segments. I was surprised that the gas flows thru the pump...
  6. HI

    Just checked your blog entry, I always remembered that odd way the windshield was framed, the red van, a different design for sure!
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    Got the pump

    I was told get a Delco pump and not a knock off. I checked Rock auto and it was not listed, I found the delco part number and put it into rock auto and there it was. $49.. I was concerned that the...
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    I'd like to hear it.

    Mechanics round here only want to do the small jobs it seems. I'd probably hear a quote double of that here. Newer cars have so much added electronics I'd rather stay with something older. I own a 95...
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    I've looked a few utubes, I'll have to go back and look again. Just saying, the ones I have
    seen are made by shade tree mechanics and its easy to leave the hose part out.
    Thats the only part of the...
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    Ever drop a gas tank on a 95 chevy van?

    I am new to the board, love vans, but as you can see my van is newer but still over 25 yrs old, I think the insurance company calls than an antique car (van).
    Just paid a mechanic to fix a rear...
  11. Yeah, I got it.

    I can see the focus of the club, I can also see the designs are very classic and original. The early designs
    shapes are very appealing and the greater population rarely sees them.
    Some of the...
  12. Hello to the group, how do you feel about later vans? a 95

    I love my chevy van, got it new in 95 and have polished off every blemish on the white paint since I've owned it, 268k miles on it now and I have done every kind of repair including find rust...
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