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    Wont start problem solved

    I have a 94 olds cutlass supreme,one of the drivers
    it would pull the no-start thing.
    Tried to jump it at the starter sol. It would crank and want to start but no go.
    The alarm system was removed...
  2. Auction ended

    auction ended
    must have sold local pa
    maybe we'll see it again
  3. Watching this one

    $12,700.00 any one?
  4. Watching this one

    well, were at $12,600 18 bid's buy it now $17,000.00
  5. Looking for good home

    well,if nothing else,you guy's that have nice second generation's
    can see what they are worth or asking price.
    Was well,worth the $12,000-$13,000
    hopefully it will find a good home.
    I couldn't...
  6. For buy it now $17,000 on e-bay

    I guess it's not going to be a plumbing truck
    buy it now price $17,000 on e-bay
  7. Asking $12,000 sold for $13,000

    My buddy bought that from the guy who shortened it
    and had it shipped to nj. [a while back]
    i couldn't figure out the panel between the pass door and side
    door not being as wide as the 90's...
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