hey gang, i got a good one for you, the other night i was getting ready to start disassembling my rear axle to install the new one. my buddy who lives next door to me always gives me crap about my van saying stuff," when are you going to get this thing on the road" or "take it to the junkyard, the'll give you a few bucks for it". i know that he is joking, but it gets old sometimes. so i told him to get in and lets go for a spin. i took it out around the block and all i could hear was that bad rearend, but i wanted to show him that my baby has got some heat!!!! on the next street over, i stomped on the gas and she laid a mean scratch!!!!! my buddy was laughing with excitment, we both were impressed, the 350 does pretty well, the 2 speed shifted at like 50 mph. thought you guy would like this one.