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Thread: 1969 g20 108 307 - $3500

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    1969 g20 108 307 - $3500

    Hey Dudes/Dudettes!

    I'm sure I'll get an earful (forumful) of posts about why I should keep this beast, but sadly I'm in a season that is requiring me to sell my van. Couldn't thank you guys enough for the help, and wealth of information available on this site. I'm listing the van here before I list on CL, because I'm a sap and want it to go to a good home.

    Location is central Oklahoma City, here are the details:

    The Good:

    - Van starts and runs every time
    - Original chevy 307 V8
    - Daily Driver
    - New Alternator
    - New Starter
    - New Battery
    - New water pump
    - New Freeze Plugs
    - New glove box insert (Brothers)
    - New rear tires (215/70R14)
    - New air filter
    - New blower motor
    - New drum brakes
    - new wiper motor
    - New ignition switch
    - 1 year old Summit intake manifold
    - 1 year old 4 bbl Summit 700 carb (holley style)
    - New 10 fuse wiring harness (complete with DIY wiring job.... )
    - All other window glass complete (besides front windshield, see below)
    - Subfloor and new carpet in back
    - Roof has dents, but is fully intact (no holes)
    - New heat reflective foil in doghouse
    - Headlights, brakes, and blinkers work - all lenses complete
    - New replacement side reflectors (Brothers)
    - Car has title and current tag

    The Dirt:

    - Body dents, lower rust, little rust on floorboards
    - Front windshield cracked along bottom
    - no locks on doors
    - Passenger door doesn't open from outside, but can be opened from inside
    - Front seats are a little gnarly, but have new/clean covers
    - Visors not installed, but I have the originals
    - Taillights not currently working, reverse lights not working
    - Leaks oil
    - Heater core went out and has been temporarily bypassed
    - No side emblems
    - Passenger mirror cracked
    - Dash lights do not work
    - I do not know how many miles are on this vehicle. I know I've put 10,000 on it since I bought it 2 years ago.
    - The paint has changed, paint in the photos does not reflect the current paint job. You get the idea though...

    That's about it. If I think of anything else, I will post additions. This is a good vehicle, and I'm not rushing to get rid of it, but in time it does need to go.

    Here are a few pictures. I don't think I have any of the dash/front interior right now, but I will post some as soon as I can snap a few. I'll also post follow up pictures. I am much more responsive to email, so send enquiries to


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bum deal, dude. I'll miss seeing the occasional paint updates. Good luck with the sale.

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