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Thread: Xel's 4-sale stuff

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    Xel's 4-sale stuff

    Seems like the For Sale section got nuked. Oh well, time to repost.
    So, I got a bunch of stuff that's just collecting dust and not doing much else.

    All items located in Los Angeles.

    Front POS bumper - A beer?

    Fan clutch - Two beers?
    Note: Wide bolt pattern!

    7 blade fan w/ clutch - 10

    5 blade POS - Pack of M&M's?

    2nd Gen gas tank, rough condition - 50
    It seems like there's enough material to dip it, line it, and make it all nice. None-the-less, it's def not a drop-in tank. If a dip-shop asks if it has gas in it, the answer is "No", as it sat in my garage for like 3 years.

    2nd gen, inline-6 radiator - 40
    It was fine, I pulled it off about a year ago. No bloom, a sheen of dirt and that's about it on the inside. Fins are in decent condition.

    2nd gen, V8 radiator - 20

    This works OK too, however it drips and has some major solder bloom going on. Treat this as a base for a core instead of a ready-to-go radiator. Fins are pretty banged up too.

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    7 blade fan

    can u tell me what the diameter of the 7 blade fan is?

    1966 GMC Handi-Bus Custom

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