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I have a couple of questions. The putty/caulk in the gutters. 90 percent of it is intact and adhered, but, in a few places its coming up and/or missing. Should I warm it with a heat gun and scrape it out? Long tedious work (what part of this project isn't) but , I understand the prep is the most important step in where Im trying to take this project. Next, the windshield channel is solid, but, it does have pitting. Ive stripped the entire channel to bare metal. Im thinking about cardboarding the inside of the windshield area and sandblasting the channel to clean the pitting. Good idea or overkill? Maybe Ive answered my own questions. Thanks, Ray

Ive just done my guttering as I had a leak on one of the rear quarters. A lot of the caulk was hard and cracked from 50 years of weather so scrapped it all out with chisel/screwdriver. Cleaned the rust out with wire brushing and a dremel tool. The metal underneath was in amazing condition. Primed the metal with a 2k epoxy primer and left to dry for 24 hours. Applied seam sealant and smoothed it over with a white spirit coated finger or spatular (ie - ice lolly stick!). Left to dry for 24 hours, and then gave another coat to be sure!