Hey Russell,

Thanks for the offer.

This is a good idea. I'll keep this in mind when i start building.
The key is making brackets that mount to the original floor bracket.

I've never been to Chula Vista but I bought my van from a surfboard shaper in Imperial Beach. It was a far drive but worth it.

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I had 2 of these seats in my first van.
Attachment 38702
Attachment 38703
The flat base sat well on the floor, I had it behind my drivers seat facing towards the back.(not bolted down) just to have a third seat.
I think it would be easy to mount a plate to it to attach to the floor brackets and ad seat belts to the lower frame.
The wood base in the picture has wheels under it for using in my garage.

You can have it if we can figure out how to get it to you or you can probably find one out of a later model van in your area. I don't know what it came out of? It did have armrests on it.