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Thread: Alum radiator Cougar Mustang

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    I have not heard any bitching about these radiators.They seem to be a decent replacement for the top tank crowd.
    I want to up grade when I pull her down this season.
    I need to Check out a a cross flow aluminum replacement.I paid I believe 340.00 to have my original record
    Brass tanks .A new copper core.The radiator shop that did the rebuild.Has closed there doors.

    Here is where paying attention to details some times slows things down.
    the most crucial measure ment is the distance center to center On the tanks My cradles are in good shape.
    there rubbers where M.I.A when I pulled Her apart.
    I reassembled it with out them.
    If I do go to an aluminum up grade. I am sure I will be checking out.a set of nice new cradle pads
    Some of these cradle pads did have a little molded nipple looking protrusion that held the cradle pad in place.

    Because I was not the first one to pull out the engine in this van.her cradle pads where missing.The rest of the factory stuff actually lined up pretty nice.

    center to center of the mounting flanges on a replacement tank need to be correct Both width wise and height wise.

    Also the correct tread type and size of the cooler line fittings in the rear of the lower tank would be nice..
    Now if all that is available are manual trans tanks.
    More fab work.I have done this job fast a sleep more than one night....
    I really like my scoop.It's staying no matter what.

    I have ran the old girl hot One time .
    She pegged the temp gauge pulling those long grades going over the mountains on Maryland RT.64 West.
    I keep her at a steady 65.feathering the throttle.She would peg out.I would crest the grade Bump the gas a bit and she costed down the mountain grade at 65 all I did was steer .There where four grades like that.When I crossed the state line things got flat again.
    I found a safe place to pull over.She did not puke out any green stuff.I was able to remove the cap and her level was perfect.She did have more pressure behind the cap than she usually does .I was expecting a pretty serious boil over .
    Once I got back on decent flatter roads she came back to 210 and stayed there the rest of the trip.
    running at 65 -75 on the much flatter PA.Turnpike she hovered right a 210..The outside temps on both days where in the mid 90's
    I would like 90 degree temp put side.With my gauge at 180.inside....
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    I used one of these on my 68'. I think they get banged around and the fill gets crushed down a bit. This is why the overflow tube gets so tight. Might be packaging problem that just doesn't protect that fill area enough.
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