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Thread: S10 rear end swap... maybe.

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    S10 rear end swap... maybe.

    I have a line on a 256 (he thinks) rear end out of a 2wd s-10. And I'm thinking about putting it in my early. I have the muncie 3 speed and a 250. My question is will it work? Will it be undriveable? I've driven with it stuck in third so I know it'll go, but I doubt my clutch would last very long slipping it like that! I know I'll probably have to drop in spacers for the wheels or maybe throw some fat tires on the rear with some serious offset.

    Just looking to hear what you guys have to say about it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm running 2.56 gears in the wikivan. I sourced the 2.56 and series 2 positraction carrier from a '69 camaro and installed them in the original 10 bolt housing. The combo I am using is an ultra-wide ratio T-10 4 speed sourced from a 1968 with the rare 4 speed option. The optional van 4 speed had a 3.44:1 first gear, and correspondingly wide ratio 2nd and 3rd gears (4th gear is still 1:1). Coupled with the 2.56 rear, the van effectively drives like a 3 speed + overdrive. I call it the "poor man's OD". Saginaw made both a 3 speed and 4 speed with the 3.50:1 first gear. If you can couple the 2.56 rear end with one of those transmissions, or find a 3:44:1 first gear t10 like I am running, it is a pretty good combo that allows for good streetability and low speed performance, while giving that long-leg good highway cruising gear and some decent fuel economy

    64' wikivan 230/4 onda tree/2.56 posi
    '64 Red Baron no engine/trans
    '66 "Lucky" 230/3 onda tree/project

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