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Wheel spacers are usually frowned upon because they can be dangerous if they come apart. The best thing to do is to either find 6 lugs wheels, (look for 6 lug slot mags!) or swap to 1/2 ton 5 lug axles.

standard G10 64-70 5 lug bolt pattern is 5 on 4&3/4"
Trophy trucks run wheel spacers and a few OEM truck models came from the factory with wheel spacers.

I have a set on my van in the rear. Been running them without a problem for a number of years now. You cant buy just any old spacers though. The best one self center and run grade 8 bolts or better.

They do add a level of complexity, but the benefits in regards to rim fitment for me outweighed that.

My van is a 3/4 setup with 550 hp going to a Detroit true track, Spacers are not the weak link in that equation. The drum brakes are.