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Thread: VCVs in a Boneyard

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    VCVs in a Boneyard

    On my recent trip around the western states, I stopped at several boneyards. In one of them, I found no less than 8 VCVs. 4 each 1st gens and 4 each 2nd gens. Before you all get too excited, they are not selling any parts off of them. They will only sell the complete van(s) and they want way too much IMHO. The least expensive is $2,500 (65 Custom) and another one of the 1st gens goes for $5,000. The one for $5k is a 65 No Door with a bashed roof, bondo repaired front end, no engine or transmission but solid otherwise. They said they sold one of the 2nd gen vans for $3,500 but had not yet moved it up front. Personally, I would have given no more than $1,000 for that van and maybe $2,000 if it had a clear (non-salvage) title. If they can get that kind of dough then I say more power to them but I have to pass. So with that, they are probably not going to come down much, if any on their prices. Most of the vans are parked bumper to bumper to keep cows out. They said they could move a van out and bring it up front but it would take some doing as it's not level ground and other vehicles are in the way. I'm not sure how gentle they would be during the move. Most of these vans are also filled with engines, heads and other parts. They said they could get a title (salvage) on these vans but I got the impression that the prices they quoted for the vans was a base price and may not include moving them up front or the title. I'm not really sure.

    L and L Classic Auto 2742 South Highway 46 Wendell, Idaho 83355 Phone: (208) 536-6607 Fax: (208) 536-6734 E-Mail:
    Larry is the owner and Jessie is the Manager

    Sorry but I am unable to post pics here.
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    Great find Mark, wish you would of had more time when you were in IN.
    Would of liked to show what we got in the Rust belt.
    Yea we Lost pics awhile ago. Smileys working on it. Hope it doesn't end up like VCVC 2

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