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Thread: Looking for Carb

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    Looking for Carb

    Does anyone have a known, good working Rochester Monojet that they would like to part with? I'm done messing with the POS that is on my early. Let me know if you have something you's part with. My only other option at this time is spend big $$ for one of those repops.
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    Thumbs up carb

    We tried a repop carb on the 6cyl with no luck. Went to the junk yard an picked up a carb an rebuilt it, an got lucky an it worked.
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    Rochester Monojet

    I've got several Monojets but they're all cores. These were pulled from VCVs over the years and then mostly just sat. I've rebuilt a few when requested but as far as known good, used, sitting on the shelf units, that I don't have. It's possible that a used carburetor can just bolt up, not leak and work ok but my luck is usually not that good. I'd always end up buying a complete kit from Mike's Carburetor and spend at least a half a day scrubbing, checking, assembling and adjusting one of the cores. Seems like there's usually some linkage or other part that needs to come off a donor carb so you can end up with one good carb. The rest of the next day can get consumed installing and adjusting the carb on the vehicle. It's pretty satisfying if everything works out right but usually there's some type of problem that comes up with these ole gals. Usually it's related to deferred maintenance or poor repairs done previously. I'm just saying that it's a couple days worth of work and carburetor work usually comes last after basic engine checks like compression, plugs and wires. A clean fuel tank is essential to keeping the carb from stumbling at idle but there's no good way that I know of to check it while it's installed. I run two clear plastic filters in parallel right at the tank. It's best to follow a methodical approach when tackling problems with these ole gals. Hope some of this helps.
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